Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fickle Lemons

This past Shabbos we held a 'girls weekend' at The Ranch. It was a whole lot of fun. Myself, my 2 sisters, Michalie, Shosh, Dena Goldstone and Rivkie Nathan. It was pretty quiet and lots of fun all at the same time. We got plenty of rest and the food was really good (thanks Shosh!) :)

Motzash we headed back Home. As we waited at the trempiadah for a bus which didn't seem to be coming a sheirut stopped. We hopped on and almost hopped off again when we found out that the price had risen from 12.50 to 13 NIS. How ridiculous is that?! AND we were 2 'noar' and 1 'bat sheirut' - it was SUCH a waste. But, it did save on time.

This morning I called in 'sick' - my chayal is Home on a week-long regilah and I decided to spend as much time as possible with him. As I explained to my boss - it's hard to get married without a guy. So, if you lose the guy - all the wedding plans are pretty much in vain.

Woke up bright and early to say goodbye to Daddy. He headed out to MerryCa and beyond on his month-long simcha-attending adventure. Freddie and I wrote him plane letters and put together a cute little photo album of the mishpacha for him to show off to the Honolulu-ans... :)

I spent most of the morning cuddled on the couch until I managed to convince everyone that making pizza was the most brilliant idea for lunch. Brenda made the dough, Mommy rolled it out, Zsh went out to pick up the toppings and I helped smear the sauce alllllll over the place - mostly on the pizza and a little on the counters and the floor.

Later in the afternoon Mommy, Brenda and I headed out to a wedding-gown place in Chashmonaim. I tried on somewhere between 10-12 dresses and was more than relieved when I found one that I liked. It's pretty and off-white and not tooooo cupcake-y. The gown fitting for alterations is scheduled for the end of January, so I have until then to stop noshing and do some serious crunches.

Back at Home Eli had BBQ-ed some chicken and steaks. He even made potatoes.

After a disastrous encounter with my I-Tunes library and 46 chocolate-dipped and sprinkled pretzels I was totally wiped out.

Which brings me up to the moment and makes me think that the time has come to say good-night and head off.

See ya sometime. Toodles.


Bob said...

I hope I really do see you sometime. =) Threedles!

tnspr569 said...

Sounds fun!! I want to see Mr. Polly while he's here!!! And I need an address so I can ship you your wedding gift!! Just for effect, here are some more exclamation points!!!!!