Wednesday, November 28, 2007

He Loves Me!

I return only to warn you of yet another imminent disappearance.

I'm sitting and listening to the soundtrack from The Chronicles of Narnia and the track playing is the one that is heard while the kids are on the train and it's making me think of my upcoming trip.

In just 10 hours and 35 minutes from now I will be"H be taking off from the Holy Land and heading out to the 'shmutz' - I'm actually quite excited about the trip and can't wait to be on the way.

The whole family flying together for the first time in a little over 4 years. It's pretty exciting stuff!

Anywho - we'll have computers over there, so there's a good chance you'll be hearing from me again soon. Then again - don't count on anything. I'm just going for the relaxation benefits of not being in touch with the office and not carrying a cell-phone. Oh, and of course to see all my old friends and meet some new.

Yes, very exciting indeed.