Sunday, November 04, 2007

Mashed Potatoes...

Quick Wrap-up of the weekend:
Shabbos was basically sad and lonely without my chayal. Although I did see Ora in shul and Freddie's Ora was at our house and Michlie came over to play and we went to a kiddush at the Feldman's with the three Iras and I finished my book, still - something (or someone) was still definitely missing. I really really really hate this waiting and I know it'll all be over soon, but for now it just seems like an eternity. Motzash Mommy baked a batch of cookie brittle for me while I packed up my stuff and then I headed into Jeru (I sat on the front steps of a 417 and made idle chit-chat with Toffee, who was not too pleased at being shoved in the front pocket of my knapsack.) In Jeru I dropped my stuff off at The Ranch and then Shosh and I headed to Bayit V'gan to Afikei for a N'shei Afikei Melava Malka. It was really nice and the ratio of teachers to Alumni was basically one on one (or close to it) we took a group photo, exchanged mazal tovs (on engagements, weddings, births and more), we played a really amusing game and just enjoyed spending time with all the people we went to school with who are still in the country whom we never seem to be able to find the time to get together with (Yes Chavs, I mean you!!! LoL! Luv ya!) The busride back to The Ranch was 'quiet' and we went to sleep waaaaaaay too late!!!

Woke up at 6:30 this morning and hopped out of bed. I went to work with Shosh and had my very first 'morning in the park' experience in Arzei Habirah. Eventually I made my way to the office and things actually went pretty well. Not toooo much yelling or screaming and not toooo much of it was directed at me. I even managed to figure out what the boss was talking about and thankfully the missing tearsheet was tracked down. I worked about half an hour late, because tomorrow morning we are scheduled to meet with the 'decorator' for the hall and I suppose we'll get to choose napkin colors and flowers and all that other lovely stuff that doesn't really interest me in the least.

As for me, I am very much interested in a HOT shower and my bed.

I am exhausted, though, I don't know why.

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