Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My sock has a hole in the toe...

I woke up at 7:00 this morning. I kind of lazed about and eventually decided to get dressed. As I finished washing my facei heard my cell phone beep indicating that I had received an SMS. It was a notification of a voice-mail from Mommy. So I called her back right away and after a quick 'hello' she asked, "so are we dropping off Brenda?" Of course, I hadn't listened to the vioce-mail so I had no idea what she was talking about, which I explained to her. Nonetheless it took a few tries for her to realize that I had no idea what she was talking about. Finally I understood that she had driven into The City with Daddy and Brenda, and she wanted to drop Brenda off at my apartment. I grabbed my bag and raced downstairs to wait for Brenda.

I only had to wait a few minutes until Brenda arrived and we then headed to TM to catch a bus. We hopped on a bus and stopped a few meters up the road behind another bus. Everyone was in an uproar. A bus had hit a jaywalker. After waiting to see if the bus would resume its route we decided to get off the bus and walk. We made our way to the office on foot.

About 20 minutes later we headed back out of the office. First stop was at the tailor, where I dropped off my short black jappy skirt so that the zipper could be replaced. Then I walked Brenda aaaaallllll the way down to her school and aaaallllll the way back to the office.

Back at work I started organizing the business cards (by category and name) and as I started sticking them into the allocated books, I realized that my boss had another ALBUM of the things in her office and that she no doubt had doubles and that in reality all the work I was doing was probably superfluous. Oh well, no biggie. What else is new in my office? Halfway through the piles of cards, Mommy & Daddy stopped by the office to visit. I gave them the pictures that I got developed for them and we shmoozed for a while.

After they left I tried to work some more, but then my chayal called me. He told me that they had come to Jerusalem on a 'field trip' and that his whole machlaka was in town and looking for somewhere to eat lunch. I ran out of the office and down to King George St to find them but when I got there, there was no sign of them. So I called him and wound up on a wild goose chase - down the midrachov, to Shamai, down the hill to the right and finally - I found them! I gave him the pictures of us that I had gotten developed for him and then I tagged along as they made their way back up the hill and to Big Apple Pizza for some lunch. Eventually I decided it was time to head back to the office, so I say goodbye reluctantly and walked back up the hill.

A while later I got hungry, so I made a BIG deli sandwich. Deli from Mataam Chofetz Chaim (200 grams of meat sure does go a looong way in a sandwich), a FRESH roll from the shuk, a can of Dr. Brown's and a bag of extra-crunchy potato chips. YUMMM!!!

Then Brenda came back! We were supposed to color, but we didn't actually do that. We did go out to the tailor where I picked up my now-fixed skirt and then we shlepped around and got her the ingredients for a super-duper-yummy-overstuffed-deli-sandwich. (See above.)

Back at the office, Brenda ate her sandwich while doing her homework (without the book) and I worked on my scarf. Suddenly, the office door opened and my chayal walked in! SURPRISE!!! :) Brenda headed out and I helped TJ write a letter to her landlord and spend another half an hour with my chayal. :) (YAY!)

Eventually he had to go and I stuck around the office for another hour and a bit. Finally I calculated my 'hours' and decided the time had come to head back to The Ranch. Of course I walked, because it was so nice out and I arrived at The Ranch pretty quickly. I ate some cold noodles and then I cleared off the second bed in my room. After stuffing all of my renegade socks into a bag I started sweeping. First I swept my room then the little bathroom then the shower-room and then the hallway and then Shosh's room and the the kitchen and then half of the living room. Then I took a 5 minute break to breathe and finish sneezing from the dust and I got down to the dishes. I washed them all and luckily there was lots of hot water.

Now I think I'll go take a hot shower myself. It's cold out and I am really really dirty & 'fiwfy' from all the walking and cleaning I did today. I can't wait to get into bed and I'm even more excited because tomorrow afternoon I get my chayal allllll to myself. :)


tnspr569 said...

Since when does Brenda go to school in Jeru??? I thought she was going to school in Bet Shemesh...

Lorelai said...

Ummmm, Brenda has been in school in Jerusalem for the last 3 years.

2 years in Chorev Yerushalayim and this year she started high-school at Tehilla, a brand new school located on R'chov Haneviim.