Monday, November 12, 2007

My Underwear Is Falling Down...

I headed out to work at 8:15 this morning. I shlepped my computer with me and a bunch of blank CDs as I had decided that today I would begin the picture 'backing-up' process. Work was boring. I started the day off typing up a 7 page document that was hand-written and faxed by my boss to the office. After that I finished up a few quick things and then started working on my pictures.

I went out to the 'stock-store' with TJ and my Big Sis. We had quite a bit of fun until they called us from the office to tell us that we should come back and do more nothing. Brenda came to visit and she brought 'grill potato chips' and chocolate tea biscuits which got me in the mood for a triple-chocolate-Crunch-icecream-bar. So we went out and found some. Back at the office I made a CD of pictures to print and dropped them off. I'll pick them up tomorrow. :)

'Worked' until 7:00 and then I walked back to The Ranch. Eventually Shosh and I headed out to do a 'big' shopping. (We haven't done one since a little before last Purim...) We picked up cans and paper towels and fabric softener and food for this coming Shabbos (since we're planning on having 10-12 girls over) and tea biscuits and more. On our way out of the store a bunch of cab-drivers tried to convince us that the 7 minute walk was totally worth 30 shekel. We laughed at them and shouldered our bags and made our way down the hill and back to The Ranch. I'm not sure HOW we made it with 3 chickens and 4 kilo of flour and a big bottle of fabric softener and a 'party size' can of pickles...

My shoulders and arms are still shaking from the ordeal and I hope that they calm down by the morning. I think it's past my bed-time and I am VERY much looking forward to snuggling in my bed.


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