Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nail Polish To The Rescue...

It was a good morning after a terrible night. I woke up late and took my time. Got to work late and didn't really care. Ate all of Mrs. M's cookies for breakfast and worked at a normal pace for all 7.5 hours at the office. I left 1/2 an hour early because my Chayal came to rescue me. When we left the building it was pouring outside. We made our way to Cafe Rimon and had a deeeelicious dinner. We spent almost 3 hours shmoozing and finally got antsy so we headed back into the rain. We stopped off to buy; fuzzy slippers for Shosh, fuzzy gloves for myself and shiny kippah clips for my Chayal. Then we bussed back to T.M. and I got some yummy smelling soap from Super-pharm cause they were on sale. We went upstairs to find somewhere to sit for a while and noticed that a bus was leaving for Bet Shemesh in a short 4 minutes. Rather than making him wait another hour I told him to go and I made my way back to The Ranch in the rain. Back at home I put on my pjs and painted my nails a pretty pink. I also put together an Old Navy wishlist - heeheehee, yay! I love getting new clothes that actually fit!

Tomorrow is Thursday and that means I'm going Home. This is going to be a strange Shabbos, since Daddy isn't Home.

I'm a little forlorn - I won't be seeing my chayal for a whole month.

I miss him already :(

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