Saturday, November 10, 2007


Quick recap of last week (since I seem to have disappeared from the blogosphere for a few days...) On Monday - Mommy and I met with the 'decorator' and I chose flowers and a 'kisei kallah' and I decided how I want the chuppah to look. On Tuesday - I celebrated my '2 year anniversary' at the office. Tuesday night I went out with Feige and we had a very enjoyable dinner on Emek Refaim. Then we made our way to town and eventually to TM to meet up with my chayal, who was in Jeru for Tonny & Tzivia's engagement party. Wednesday was Shalom's birthday and a relatively quiet day for me. Thursday morning I headed to the office and made a quick detour back to the 'decorator' to double check my flower-choices. After a long day I made my way back Home and it was pretty quiet. The boys got haircuts and I ate lots and lots of cookies. Freddie and I spent most of Friday cleaning our room. We managed to fill up three garbage bags with junk and were more than happy to shlep them out of the room and out of our lives forever.
Shabbos was pretty quiet. Friday night we went to shul specifically with the intentions of davening for rain. Miraculously a few hours later there was a downpour - which put a damper on our plans to walk to Nofei Aviv. So we drank some more chicken soup and had just settled comfortably on the couches when Yonatan and David showed up. We played some scrabble, ate some cookies, drank some tea and shmoozed until after 2 in the morning.
Shabbos day I was extremely lazy. I got out of bed to hear kiddush and got back into bed after some singing and bentching. Little Brother and I played 2 games of Rummi-you-know-what and I lost both of them. I read a few pages of my new book and then sort of dozed restlessly until Shabbos was over.
After Havdalah Freddie and I finished cleaning our room and even vacuumed. I packed up a whoooole bunch of stuff and we convinced Daddy that in honor of Rosh Chodesh we should take a tiyul into The City to visit the Kotel. We dropped off Maayana and Aderet at their house and then we headed to the Old City. We had an adventure parking near Shaar Zion and we made our way down to the wall (which was very very crowded.) After some davening and shmoozing (since of course we bumped into people we knew) we made our way back to the car (which luckily wasn't blocked by the big Zim truck or the busses.)
Daddy dropped me off at The Ranch and I shlepped Little Brother along to help carry the massage table. After putting everything upstairs I walked him partway to TM and then headed back to The Ranch where I am now. Quite comfortable in my PJs and I'm glad it isn't any colder out or my nose would really be cold. Speaking of cold, my toes are cold so I think I should go crawl into my bed and snuggle under the covers.

This week I am going to work a funny schedule because my bosses are away and from Thursday until the end of next week my chayal has a vacation and I would like to spend some time with him. So, I'll just play the 'flex-time' game and do what I want to do when I want to do it. :)

Shavua tov and chodesh tov...

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