Thursday, December 27, 2007

Funny Days...

This morning an NBN flight arrived and it brought Sheffields and Schneiders Home! It's so exciting!!! :)
My day has been funny thus far. I can't believe I spent a week camped out on the floor of my living room. Last night I ran a zillion errands and eventually got back to The Ranch in time to clean my room and go out diaper shopping. I really cleaned my room and even cleared off the windowsill near my bed. This morning I folded and cleaned and straightened up and I even had another one of those 'wonderful' freezing cold showers, like I've been having all week. The 2 stop bus ride I took to work today took over 11 minutes from start to finish and my fingers are so cold that it grosses me out to look at my purple-y blue-ish fingers.
The office is strange today. The time doesn't seem to be moving and I have been really really busy - so it should already be like 5:30, but it's only 1:10 which means that I have another 5 hours in the office to go...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ladybugs at the Picnic...

Yesterday was kind of awful. I know, it's funny for me to blog in the morning because it means I haven't experienced a whole day - but considering my track record recently, if I find time to blog at any point that's better than not blogging at all. Of course, that doesn't mean that I actually have anything to say.

See, I'm blogging instead of showering (you REALLY didn't need to know that - especially since it's the second time this week - which I REALLY didn't need to remind you of.) For some funny reason, the unwritten rule in the building is that as soon as we pay our vaad bayit they turn off the heat and the hot water (it's one of those 'we have the money, let's run with it' things.) I'm not sure why we pay so much for absolutely nothing. I'd rather buy pizza with those shekels, but I guess it's not really up to me. (Stupid vaad bayit.) Point of this ramble being - in addition to camping out on the floor of my living room near a little space heater, there is no hot water to shower with. If I'm lucky there will be some tonight (trust me, this is also for the benefit of my coworkers and anyone else who has to be in the vicinity of me.)

Yesterday I cried 5 times for no apparent reason. I also had 2 screaming mental break downs. Must be hormonal, or pressure. The thing I don't understand is what pressure I have. It doesn't make any sense to me. Everything in my life is going right and all I can do is cry about it?!? Something doesn't seem to add up. *sigh* The biggest problem being that I don't know what I can do to fix it!!!

I could really use some pizza or some ice cream or even a really good hot chocolate now (yes, I turn to 'comfort' food in moments of sorrow) but I'm being a good girl and steering clear of all dairy until further notice. (Which will probably be until I get Home and Mommy says she made something special for me like lasagna or baked ziti or macaroni & cheese...) But for now it's been a week and a half of dairy-free-ness, so no comfort from that corner.

In addition, the one person who could probably keep me sane is more free than they have been for the last 10 months but is so busy enjoying their freedom that they seem to have forgotten about me. I know that seems unfair and that they haven't and that they do have their own stuff to take care of and really they're wonderful and have done SO much to help in such a short time that it's unbelievable and it's not exactly like I've made an effort to go and see them but it's really really hard, and I can't figure out why. (Which is a problem. It seems to be a problem that I can't figure out how to solve the problem.)

Today I'm taking an hour or so long lunch-break to meet up with Tanya. I'm so excited! Spending time with her is always fun and relaxing, so I'm very much looking forward to it. I wonder what we'll go find to eat, it's hard cause I want to steer clear of bagels, pizza & ice cream which are kind of all the options nearby.

Anyway, it's 8:50 now and I suppose if I'm going to walk to work (because I feel stupid for having taken 4 buses yesterday) that I should probably put on something a little warmer than pjs and maybe some shoes while I'm at it.

And one of my teddy bears is staring at me. He seems to be saying, "maybe today you'll take me to work with you so that you'll have someone to hold when you burst out in tears..."

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Twisted Knickers...

Shabbos was really nice this past week. Sarah Slepian stayed with us and Zsh is officially out of the army. Friday night the girls wandered over to visit with Saba & Savta and Shabbos lunch we were joined by Yonatan and Donny for the meal and they even z'mired with Daddy (which was REALLY nice!) I spent Motzash with my Zsh and we watched Hook (which I must admit made me teary-eyed, which I must admit made me feel quite silly.)

This morning I woke up an hour early and didn't bother showering (and you REALLY didn't need to know that) and caught the 10:00 bus after almost falling flat on my face because I rather stupidly wore a long denim skirt and my boots (which I KNOW get stuck when I try to actually take normal-sized steps.) I dropped my stuff off at The Ranch and actually took lunch with me to the office. Work was HIGHLY boring and since TJ is in the UK, My Big Sis doesn't work on Sundays and Tzi didn't come in, it was actually extremely boring. After work Freddie picked me up and we walked back towards The Ranch. When we got to the corner we concluded that neither of us was quite ready to stop walking, so we continued our walk and wound up walking all the way down Kanfei Nesharim to Har Nof and back again. When I got back to The Ranch the small space-heater was running in the living room. I decided to try and warm up at least one room in the apartment, so I moved my sleeping stuff onto the couch and closed the living room door. I think it's a few degrees warmer in the living room, but it seems like such a waste to have a beautiful apartment with 4 full rooms and to use only one of them.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Back to Normal(?)...

We got Home last night. I went to work today. It was long. They saved everything for 2 weeks for me. Wasn't that sweet? The boss wanted to know if I intend to keep working after the wedding, I told him that we need to negotiate something and that we'll see. I wonder how far I can push this...

After work I met Shosh in Geulah to say 'hi' - I think she liked her presents. (I told you it was useful and practical.) :)

I took a 417 Home and watched 'Open Season' with Brenda and Michalie after some mac n' cheese. (Thanks Mommy!)

Freddie got back from Talya's wedding pretty late and now we're trying to decide what to do. Maybe sleep a little? After all, it's pretty late.

Good Night.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Some pictures from our trip thus far. No time for more details now, there's SOOOO much to do! Chanuka is great so far and I'm officially sick of shopping (again.)

Please check out the links below: (And PLEASE let me know if they don't work or if you can't see the pictures!)

The Pollys Are in AMerryCa!!! (Part 1)
The Pollys Are in AMerryCa!!! (Part 2)

Though the trip is a lot of fun and I'm totally enjoying it as a vacation should be appreciated, I really can't wait to get Home.

What else is new...

Monday, December 03, 2007

"It was 625..."

I was going to blog a whole fun post about how our trip is going thus far but Samantha just came in and starting getting all annoyed at me because I'm wasting time on the computer and not going to the other house with her. So now I'm really not in the mood to write anything anymore.

In Short: It's great. Really great. I love spending time with the Chazanows. I love seeing all the people I grew up with. It's grand to have been away for a long time and then to come back and know where I'm going when we drive through town. It snowed this morning and slushed all afternoon. Shopping is SO much fun when you haven't done it in a long time. It's cold cold cold and I'm getting good use out of my winter coat. I love not having to think about work or going to work or my bosses or anything else stressful like that.

It's a wonderful thing.

I highly recommend it for relaxation purposes.

And I got REALLY cute little flats.
They're bright pink and they have polka-dots.

Yeah, fun.

(Pictures to follow...)