Thursday, December 27, 2007

Funny Days...

This morning an NBN flight arrived and it brought Sheffields and Schneiders Home! It's so exciting!!! :)
My day has been funny thus far. I can't believe I spent a week camped out on the floor of my living room. Last night I ran a zillion errands and eventually got back to The Ranch in time to clean my room and go out diaper shopping. I really cleaned my room and even cleared off the windowsill near my bed. This morning I folded and cleaned and straightened up and I even had another one of those 'wonderful' freezing cold showers, like I've been having all week. The 2 stop bus ride I took to work today took over 11 minutes from start to finish and my fingers are so cold that it grosses me out to look at my purple-y blue-ish fingers.
The office is strange today. The time doesn't seem to be moving and I have been really really busy - so it should already be like 5:30, but it's only 1:10 which means that I have another 5 hours in the office to go...

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Miryam said...

Hi Lori!!

I hope you're doing well. You haven't blogged in a bit, and yes, I do follow your blog (one of the only ones I still read, and this is one of the only websites I still visit).

I miss you tons, and would love to write you a huge, long email that I know I owe you, so it is coming, b'li neder. For now, though, this short shmidget will have to do.

Just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and wishing you the best.

Am currently in the process of knitting my sister a scarf, so you've been on my mind a lot lately.

Love you and miss you tons!

-Miryam (your long lost friend who got swallowed up by nursing school)