Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Winter Wonderland UPDATE...

At 12:00 my bosses declared (with sighs of frustration and aggravation) that due to weather conditions, today would officially be declared a snow-day and that the office would remain closed.

So we sat around in our cozy living room with the heater blasting and watched the snow fall outside. As our luck would have it, as soon as we decided to go out for a walk the snow turned into heavy rain and soon after it became a mix of freezing rain and hail. So we waited around until the skies cleared a bit and then bundled up we headed out into the mush.

And mush is certainly what it was. (CLICK HERE for some additional pictures. They're at the END of the album.) But the walk was A LOT of fun! We made our way past T.M. and as we splashed through some MORE puddles, I decided that my toes were 'numb enough' and we declared our walk successful. So, we made our way around and back towards The Ranch past Binyanei Ha'Umah.

Back at The Ranch the building had officially 'run out' of gas (meaning that the building is out of hot water until further notice.) But we enjoyed some dinner and some more hot-chocolates nonetheless.

Now - I suppose that as soon as I get tired of watching the snow-flakes float by that I should get some sleep. I REALLY REALLY hope that the snow keeps falling steadily, because I would honestly LOVE to have another snow-day tomorrow. :)

Happy Birthday Zsh!!!

Wednesday Winter Wonderland Report...

Well well well... Although me of little faith did not believe that it would snow here in The Holy City of Jerusalem, last night fluffy little flakes began to descend from the heavens. At 7:00 this morning 'somebody' ;) woke me up shouting incoherently about 'the snow the snow!' As we looked out the window I wondered whether the bosses would be mean enough to actually open the office. TJ called to ask me the same thing and I replied that I was also wondering. So we conferenced them and they said, "well, we'll see how it looks at 10:00."

At 10:00 I called the bosses to find out what the status was and they decided that we would now wait until 12:00 to decide what to do. (Which means that I can't really go out and do anything and that my snowday is being piece-mealed and ruined by selfish people who honestly think that THE MOST important thing in the WORLD is money.)

So here it is - 11:12 and I am sitting on my couch watching the snow fall while sipping hot-chocolate and eating some breakfast. CLICK ON ME for some pictures... :) More Later...

Monday, January 28, 2008


Last night turned out ok. Watched Hercules with Brenda & Michalie and then did lots of laundry in the sub-zero weather. (Having the machines outside is the stupidest thing EVER!) Brrrrrr!!!!

This morning was odd.

I woke up to Mommy screaming (lovingly?) at the boys at 6:40. I hopped out of bed and made my way down to the basement to wake up Z. I caught a mostly empty 8:20 bus (which weird cause it's usually packed) and the bus driver was all happy-go-lucky (which is weird cause they're usually grumpy) got into The City at 9:00 (which is weird cause usually we get there later) and I had time to go to The Ranch to drop off my stuff.

Funny and humiliating story for today - as I got off the 420 bus in Jerusalem and headed towards the stairs into Kiryat Moshe I was shivering. Suddenly I wondered why the wind wasn't hitting my lower legs anymore and simultaneously felt something around my knees. I looked down only to discover that my skirt was around my ankles. (the moral of the story, 'don't wear clothes that are TOO big on you...')

Work was mostly boring (in the 'fun' sense.) At least there was work to do. (See? It pays not to go in every day that when on the days that you're there there's actually stuff to do.)

All day long I was craving Israeli Salad. I really really really wanted Israeli salad. I figured I'd get falafel for dinner on my date with my Little Brother, but Aderet needed a babysitter and she definitely takes priority over me - so the date was postponed until Thursday. And so - on my way back to The Ranch I stopped at the shuk and picked up some cucumbers and tomatoes and some fresh fluffy whole wheat pitot and then I even walked allll the way home. :)

It's a little bit crazy to think that today is the 'one month' mark till my wedding.



Sunday, January 27, 2008

Poufy Cupcakes...

Today was supposed to be my 'once in a blue mooon perfect day'

As it was Z's b-day and I had a gown fitting scheduled for the early morning, I decided to take the day off and to spend it enjoying the day (which I almost NEVER get to do, because 71.5% of my daytime hours are spent locked up in the stupid office where the sun don't shine and the windows are NEVER bright.)

I should've known that it was going to be an awful day the moment Z informed me that rather than 'waiting around doing nothing' while waiting for me to get back from my gown fitting that he would be going into the city to work for a 'few' hours. (ha.)

Then this morning as we left for the gown fitting (only 20 minutes behind schedule) we noticed that our front right tire was flat. It took 20 minutes to switch it and the gown fitting was relatively painless (aside from the part where we 'disagreed' about how long the sleeves had to be. To the elbow? 2 inches below the elbow? long-sleeve!?

We stopped in RBS on the way Home to meet with the seamstress who is making the other girls' dresses and back at Home I spent the remainder of the afternoon in my bed wasting my time while bawling my eyes out in front of girly chick-flicks.

Z was supposed to come over after work - but what was supposed to be 'working until 2' became 'working until 3:30' and for some funny (but not surprising) reason at 3:55 he was still at work...

And so - it is 4:02PM and I am still lying in my bed doing absolutely nothing and loathing weddings and relationships in general.

I'm sick of hearing that I should 'grow up' and 'get over it' - (that advice coming mostly from people who throw worse hissy-fits than me more often than I do) - and I'm sick of hearing about how I should be thankful because everything is soooo good and easy for me because NOBODY has it perfect and la-di-da and NOBODY knows what another person is going through or how they feel!!!!!! I'm just so SICK OF IT ALL!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hanky Panky with Suzie Spankie!

Today I woke up almost an hour late (which means that it was waaaay after 8:00 when my eyeballs popped open.) Then I dallied in my warm bed, under my warm quilts, with my still-hot hot-water-bottle (which is one of the best inventions everrr!!!) By the time I shlepped myself out of bed it was 9:00 and so my shower lasted not longer than 6 minutes and finally I ran out of the apartment and to the bus. Miraculously, a bus showed up relatively quickly and I made it to work only 3 minutes late.

Work was stupid today. The fact that just two short weeks ago there was an excess of secretaries and now we are short a few leads me to believe that... well, I'm no sure what - but I'll get back to you on that someday. Anywho, I did work for all 3 bosses (since now that everyone got fired/is in school/is leaving there is nobody else there to do the work. Well, except TJ. Me and TJ are the only 2 servant left at the office.) Luckily for us the 2 big bosses are leaving for Paris tomorrow, so they left at 6:00 to go home and pack. I decided to sneak out an hour early so that I would have time to stop at The Ranch and eat some dinner before going out to Arzei Habirah to meet with Mrs. M.

Two bowls of Mommy's chicken soup later, I headed out. It was freeeeezing and foggy out and I couldn't see much more than about 10 feet in front of me. Mrs. M was great and we finished the chapter that we had been discussing for the last 2 weeks - which was really exciting! We ended a little late, but a 23 bus showed up right away and got me back to The Ranch a whole lot more quickly than the crazy #2 bus (that drives around in circles) would have. Walking back to the apartment it started to rain on my head - so I walked a little faster and made it home just in time to cause the power to 'trip' and for Shosh's clock to reset itself. (I hope she still uses the little battery powered alarm clock, cause I'd hate it if she were to wake up late because the electricity went out.)

I guess I should get some sleep now. I didn't sleep so much last night and I can't afford to get a late start tomorrow cause there's a ton of stuff for me to do (including a date with you know WHO!)

So for now, toodles...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Analgesic Cream...

Alright - last post was a crazy little rant of sorts. Lots of feelings surfaced and all the paranoia and little tensions finally exploded in a really really ugly little temper-tantrum thrown by yours truly. (Not a pretty sight, in the least.)

Thankfully we were able to move ahead and I took off from work and we spent an afternoon hand-delivering wedding invitations all around the Sheinfeld neighborhood. Then last night we attended Chloe & Jonathan's wedding in Jerusalem.

This morning was back to work as usual. Thankfully my boss wasn't in - so I just had to deal with the other two. The day went pretty quickly and pretty soon I was on my way back to The Ranch. When Shosh got home we headed out to Har Nof to attend a tehillim gathering. We walked there and afterwards we stopped by the Segals to drop off a wedding invitation. On our way back we stopped off for some baguettes (it was only 11:00PM) then we headed back to The Ranch.

Now I reckon I should get some sleep cause tomorrow is a loooong Tuesday for me. Work for 9 hours and meeting with Mrs. M, plus I have a whooole bunch of errands to run. Get excited!!!

But for now,
Toodles... :)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I had a funny title...

But I can't remember it for the life of me.

I had an awful Shabbos. Let's just leave it at that.

Why can't anyone just respect my wishes? I didn't think that asking not to speak about wedding plans for 24 hours was THAT hard. I guess it was. Ruined day, ruined night. Didn't get lunch. Didn't get a nap. Didn't go on a walk. Didn't get to finish my movie. Didn't have a good time. The only 2 nice things about Shabbos were spending some time with Bob this afternoon and actually getting to speak with Shani for a few minutes too.

I know I shouldn't complain, since things are going 'so well' and 'hey, at least I'm getting married' but WHY CAN'T ANYONE UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH I HATE STUPID PARTIES!?!?!?

I DON'T GIVE A FLYING HOOT, AND EVEN IF I TRIED I DON'T THINK I'D GIVE A DAMN!!! Especially considering the fact that the main reason people attend said parties is for the free food.

Let's just cancel it altogether.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

"We're off to see the wizzzzzer..."

I'm here! I'm here! I'm still here!!
Hello? Is anybody there?
Hmmm... *mutters* ...mmmH

HoW OdD...

Yesterday was fun. Work was RIDICULOUSLY busy and I barely had any time to breathe. (2 days in a row. Quite strange indeed.) Of course, I 'popped out' a whoooole buncha' times to check on my invitations at the printer. Mommy and Eli showed up to reclaim a whole bunch of Rubbermaid and serving stuff then I went back to work and worked and worked. At 5:30 the invitations were ready (finally!) So, I picked them up and dropped 'em off at the corner where Mommy and Eli were a'waitin for me. Then I went - back to work. Hahahahaha! At 6ish I headed off to Geulah. I stopped at the Brooklyn Bakery (my FAVORITEST) and got a Black&White cookie (also my FAVORITEST) then I went to the bagel place to meet up with Shosh and Jackie! After eating we made our way over to the Zir Chemed play at the theater who's name I can never remember. This year's production was 'The Wisdom of Oz' (in which a little girl named Dorothy and her VERY over-sized but utterly-adorable little dog are transported somewhere over the rainbow where the music is a conglomeration of theme songs ranging from Inspector Gadget to The Prince of Egypt...) The performance was very very well done (and we got some Bet Shemesh 'nachas' too as one of the Ben-David girls was a part of the cast.) On the way home we stopped at the Meuchedet building (to pick up vitamins) and then sauntered the rest of the way back to The Ranch.

As for today - well, I woke up early and got out late. (Not that this is anything unusual.) It was cold - but I did get a shmoiling boiling HOT shower (which was REALLY nice) and since I was feeling so extremely chipper I put on my 'Grumpy' shirt and I even washed 1/2 of the dishes and deiced to take out the garbage. Got to work late - but who really cares? (HA!) and was given SOOOO much stupid work that I just HAD TO take a break. So I went out for a walk with my Big Sis (for one of the last times!!!! WAHHHHHHH!!!!) Now it's 2:30 and that means there's another 3.5 hours left for me to sit in the office at the beck&call of the bossy people. On the bright side - Zsh is supposed to come and rescue me at the end of the day. So, that's something to look forward to. Maybe he'll be REALLY nice and agree to watch a 'chick flick' tonight. I really just need something light, fun and fluffy.

The tension headaches and the stress in my neck/back are really not doing so well. I really need a massage. Or maybe just some uninterrupted sleep - if only I could get some relief even if only in my dreams...

41 days. Yay!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Yesterday was funny. Work was slow-ish. We managed to get the wedding invitations sent to the printer and they were finally approved and will be printed in the next few days. Yes, invitations are coming. Eventually. (And MANY MANY thanks to my Big Sis for all the patience and hard work. Sorry for driving you crazy so many times...) The bosses told me I could leave an hour early (since things were slow-ish) so Zsh and his 3 stooges showed up. We wound up wandering around in circles in search of a missing person, and once we found her the gang split up and we wound up going for pizza. Freddie agreed to come out to town to hang-out with us and then we wandered to The Great Synagogue to 'crash' a food-tasting. Freddie and I didn't actually 'crash' - but we did run into Kayla, who we haven't seen for a long time and who is only in the country on vacation. The Freddie and I headed to Marvad Haksamim for some really yummy soup and we joined the police-officers' party. Eventually Zsh and Akiva came to 'crash' the party an after the soup and fries we walked to the intersection of Yafo/King George/Strauss and there we split up. The boys went to Geulah and Freddie & I went in search of donuts. Sadly, there were no donuts to be had, so we hopped on a bus back to our side of town.

This morning it was CHILLY at The Ranch - so I got dressed quickly. VERY quickly. Then I headed out to work. Of course I bussed (since I was too cold and too lazy to actually walk.) Work today was SO hectic that I really thought I was going to just sit down and cry from the stress of it. I sat IN the boss's office for 3 hours taking notes and dictation and eventually she just picked up a stack of papers and said, "here, finish these." WHAT THE HECK IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?! From 1:00PM until 5:45PM I tried desperately to get everything done. Finally at 5:50 the boss came out and said, "if you're done you can go..." so 10 minutes later I was out of there. On my way back to The Ranch I stopped at the shuk to pick up some special red candies and some nuts for the trial mix. (I'm not actually going hiking, but sometimes I feel like work in itself is quite a journey and provisions are DEFINITELY called for.) For the record I did walk back to The Ranch. Shosh made our weekly 'Tuesday night dinner' of rice & stir-fry and of course we enjoyed it while vegging out to yet another episode of 'House MD' (I REALLY am obsessed with the show!! Just in case you hadn't gathered that...)

They finally attached the last piece of the tall part of the new light-rail-bridge - and I'll try to remember to post a picture tomorrow (when I'm not too lazy to get my camera off the dining room table - which is a whole '8 feet' away from me right now.)

Now I reckon it's about time to get to bed. G'nite!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Trees Are Green?!

Today's Goal: Open a 'tik' with the rabanut (so that we're officially getting married both halachically & legally.)

At 6:00 this morning I woke up. I waited for my alarm to ring at 6:20 before hopping out of bed. By 7:30 I was ready to leave the house and Z was waiting for me too. We caught a bus to Jeru, then a second bus to Town and walked a few blocks to the Rabanut. After waiting almost 45 minutes they threw our papers back at us and told us that we had no choice but to register in Bet Shemesh (as the documentation in my Teudat Zehut states that I am a resident of Bet Shemesh.) SO we made our way to Geulah and waited 45 minutes for a bus to show up. (Did I mention that it was 11:30 and the Rabanut in Bet Shemesh is only open from 9:30-12:30!?) Finally a bus came and we made it back to Bet Shemesh with 10 minutes to get to the Rabanut. Seated with the Rabbi in his office he explained to us that some of the documentation wasn't 'good enough' to be able to open a 'tik' with them. We would have waited until another day to continue this crusade but the rule is that the 'tik' must be opened at least 45 days before the wedding and (both luckily and unfortunately) today is day 45 of the count-down. So, we had to be persistent. Finally the Rabbi agreed to 'open' the 'tik' with the documents that we had, so we did what we could and then headed out. Back at Home, Freddie was on her way out to the bus. I joined her and we took a VERY crowded 417 to Jerusalem. The bus was so crowded that we had the honor of standing the entire way, traffic and all. Finally, back in The City (once more) we split up and as she headed to the hopsickal, I made my way to the office, only 3 hours late.

Today's Funniest Lines:
(Sammy while standing on a 417): "Well, who's fault is it that your fiance isn't Jewish?!"
(Me in the candy store): "I'll get the chocolate. You watch for the bus."
(Daddy after leaving the Rabanut Bet Shemesh): "So you're an aidle maidle and he's a shaigetz?"
(Toffee after getting off of the 417): "Smelly bus. Yucky. Yucky."

Sheesh...with a name like Zalman, who woulda thunk we'd have such issues?!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Little Girls Are Cheap...

I find it hard to understand why a 6oz box of Mike&Ikes sells for 95cents in the US and costs more than 3X that much in Israel. Stupid Candies. Speaking of them - today I ingested an entire box of them. (Must be a family thing cause my Big Sis had a box of them too.)

This past Shabbos was really really really nice. I didn't go to shul Friday night (because opted to sit on the big chair instead) and Shabbos morning I went to the Shul, but didn't actually do any davening as Mommy catered a kiddush for the Misrati Bar-Mitzvah and she needed some help with the set-up. Eli's friend Esther was at our house for Shabbos and Zsh and Abe came for lunch too. On Motzash; Daddy, Zsh and I watched 'Indiana Jones & The Raiders of the Lost Ark.' It was a fun bonding experience. Next up: Dr. Strangelove. :)

Yesterday was a pretty typical Sunday. The bus to Jeru in the morning was almost fun (but Eli took a sheirut) and work was annoying. Shosh came to visit me and we even went out to the shuk for a few minutes so I could get some food and she could meet up with her Bro & Co. After work I walked back to The Ranch and spent the remainder of the evening on the couch wasting my time.

This morning was same-old and pretty boring. I actually walked to work and work was as usual.

I started the post above on the 31st of December. I'm not quite sure what happened to me after. Must've faded out. But I'm back now. At least, for today. I guess, I just needed a reminder of why I blog. It's twofold you see. One is a purely selfish motive and the other is for those of you who I don't get to speak to or see in a regular basis. (MIRYAM I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!)

This past week was actually QUITE incredible. It all started with last Shabbos which I spent in Jerusalem at the Arbit's house in Talpiot and at the Guth's house near the shuk with Zsh. Work was quite nice and my bosses told me to take off Wednesday morning on the pretense of doing 'wedding stuff' (thanks to President Bush's visit, when I called them to find out what time they wanted me at the office in the afternoon they told me to take the rest of the day off too.) So I spent a WONDERFUL Wednesday with Zsh in Bet Shemesh. We ordered our 'thank you' cards and played Boggle and it was like a Sunday smack in the middle of the week. To add to the craziness, Chaviva and Yaakov (finally) got engaged! (It has been 5 years.) And did I mention that a week and a bit ago Josh & Jacci finally decided to make it official too?! Last night I spent more quality time with Zsh and we finally finished watching Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom. Now Shabbos is on its way and it's going to be a quiet one. Zsh is taking a bunch of Yesodei guys to Sderot which means he won't be Home, and Little Brother is in Jerusalem. I think I have a walk booked with Shani for some point and Freddie will be Home, so we'll have to be 'wild' at some point. ;)

Oh yeah, and I can't forget to mention that after some careful calculations and much deliberation, I officially booked my tickets to Australia!!!!!!!!!! I'm going! I'm going! I'm going! I am SOOOOOO excited!!!!! 3 weeks in Australia!!!! I can't wait!!!!! Ok, so it's a few months early (I was supposed to go for my 23rd birthday) but I figure that if making the trip a little earlier means that I get to go to Becca's wedding that it's TOTALLY worth it. (And then some!!!!!!) Anywho - Z & me depart, iy"H, on the 25th of March and I am so unbelievably and ridiculously excited!

Hope to be around a little more this week. I should watch one less episode of 'House' every night and blog instead. I know I should. I just have to put it into practice... Have a GREAT Shabbos!!!