Monday, January 21, 2008

Analgesic Cream...

Alright - last post was a crazy little rant of sorts. Lots of feelings surfaced and all the paranoia and little tensions finally exploded in a really really ugly little temper-tantrum thrown by yours truly. (Not a pretty sight, in the least.)

Thankfully we were able to move ahead and I took off from work and we spent an afternoon hand-delivering wedding invitations all around the Sheinfeld neighborhood. Then last night we attended Chloe & Jonathan's wedding in Jerusalem.

This morning was back to work as usual. Thankfully my boss wasn't in - so I just had to deal with the other two. The day went pretty quickly and pretty soon I was on my way back to The Ranch. When Shosh got home we headed out to Har Nof to attend a tehillim gathering. We walked there and afterwards we stopped by the Segals to drop off a wedding invitation. On our way back we stopped off for some baguettes (it was only 11:00PM) then we headed back to The Ranch.

Now I reckon I should get some sleep cause tomorrow is a loooong Tuesday for me. Work for 9 hours and meeting with Mrs. M, plus I have a whooole bunch of errands to run. Get excited!!!

But for now,
Toodles... :)

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