Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Yesterday was funny. Work was slow-ish. We managed to get the wedding invitations sent to the printer and they were finally approved and will be printed in the next few days. Yes, invitations are coming. Eventually. (And MANY MANY thanks to my Big Sis for all the patience and hard work. Sorry for driving you crazy so many times...) The bosses told me I could leave an hour early (since things were slow-ish) so Zsh and his 3 stooges showed up. We wound up wandering around in circles in search of a missing person, and once we found her the gang split up and we wound up going for pizza. Freddie agreed to come out to town to hang-out with us and then we wandered to The Great Synagogue to 'crash' a food-tasting. Freddie and I didn't actually 'crash' - but we did run into Kayla, who we haven't seen for a long time and who is only in the country on vacation. The Freddie and I headed to Marvad Haksamim for some really yummy soup and we joined the police-officers' party. Eventually Zsh and Akiva came to 'crash' the party an after the soup and fries we walked to the intersection of Yafo/King George/Strauss and there we split up. The boys went to Geulah and Freddie & I went in search of donuts. Sadly, there were no donuts to be had, so we hopped on a bus back to our side of town.

This morning it was CHILLY at The Ranch - so I got dressed quickly. VERY quickly. Then I headed out to work. Of course I bussed (since I was too cold and too lazy to actually walk.) Work today was SO hectic that I really thought I was going to just sit down and cry from the stress of it. I sat IN the boss's office for 3 hours taking notes and dictation and eventually she just picked up a stack of papers and said, "here, finish these." WHAT THE HECK IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?! From 1:00PM until 5:45PM I tried desperately to get everything done. Finally at 5:50 the boss came out and said, "if you're done you can go..." so 10 minutes later I was out of there. On my way back to The Ranch I stopped at the shuk to pick up some special red candies and some nuts for the trial mix. (I'm not actually going hiking, but sometimes I feel like work in itself is quite a journey and provisions are DEFINITELY called for.) For the record I did walk back to The Ranch. Shosh made our weekly 'Tuesday night dinner' of rice & stir-fry and of course we enjoyed it while vegging out to yet another episode of 'House MD' (I REALLY am obsessed with the show!! Just in case you hadn't gathered that...)

They finally attached the last piece of the tall part of the new light-rail-bridge - and I'll try to remember to post a picture tomorrow (when I'm not too lazy to get my camera off the dining room table - which is a whole '8 feet' away from me right now.)

Now I reckon it's about time to get to bed. G'nite!

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Sammy said...

You spelled doughnuts so funnily :)