Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hanky Panky with Suzie Spankie!

Today I woke up almost an hour late (which means that it was waaaay after 8:00 when my eyeballs popped open.) Then I dallied in my warm bed, under my warm quilts, with my still-hot hot-water-bottle (which is one of the best inventions everrr!!!) By the time I shlepped myself out of bed it was 9:00 and so my shower lasted not longer than 6 minutes and finally I ran out of the apartment and to the bus. Miraculously, a bus showed up relatively quickly and I made it to work only 3 minutes late.

Work was stupid today. The fact that just two short weeks ago there was an excess of secretaries and now we are short a few leads me to believe that... well, I'm no sure what - but I'll get back to you on that someday. Anywho, I did work for all 3 bosses (since now that everyone got fired/is in school/is leaving there is nobody else there to do the work. Well, except TJ. Me and TJ are the only 2 servant left at the office.) Luckily for us the 2 big bosses are leaving for Paris tomorrow, so they left at 6:00 to go home and pack. I decided to sneak out an hour early so that I would have time to stop at The Ranch and eat some dinner before going out to Arzei Habirah to meet with Mrs. M.

Two bowls of Mommy's chicken soup later, I headed out. It was freeeeezing and foggy out and I couldn't see much more than about 10 feet in front of me. Mrs. M was great and we finished the chapter that we had been discussing for the last 2 weeks - which was really exciting! We ended a little late, but a 23 bus showed up right away and got me back to The Ranch a whole lot more quickly than the crazy #2 bus (that drives around in circles) would have. Walking back to the apartment it started to rain on my head - so I walked a little faster and made it home just in time to cause the power to 'trip' and for Shosh's clock to reset itself. (I hope she still uses the little battery powered alarm clock, cause I'd hate it if she were to wake up late because the electricity went out.)

I guess I should get some sleep now. I didn't sleep so much last night and I can't afford to get a late start tomorrow cause there's a ton of stuff for me to do (including a date with you know WHO!)

So for now, toodles...


TJ said...

love from the other IMP servant (who will b the only IMP servant when u go to Ausi)

~{~~@ said...

u guys.. hello! i feel left out :(