Monday, January 28, 2008


Last night turned out ok. Watched Hercules with Brenda & Michalie and then did lots of laundry in the sub-zero weather. (Having the machines outside is the stupidest thing EVER!) Brrrrrr!!!!

This morning was odd.

I woke up to Mommy screaming (lovingly?) at the boys at 6:40. I hopped out of bed and made my way down to the basement to wake up Z. I caught a mostly empty 8:20 bus (which weird cause it's usually packed) and the bus driver was all happy-go-lucky (which is weird cause they're usually grumpy) got into The City at 9:00 (which is weird cause usually we get there later) and I had time to go to The Ranch to drop off my stuff.

Funny and humiliating story for today - as I got off the 420 bus in Jerusalem and headed towards the stairs into Kiryat Moshe I was shivering. Suddenly I wondered why the wind wasn't hitting my lower legs anymore and simultaneously felt something around my knees. I looked down only to discover that my skirt was around my ankles. (the moral of the story, 'don't wear clothes that are TOO big on you...')

Work was mostly boring (in the 'fun' sense.) At least there was work to do. (See? It pays not to go in every day that when on the days that you're there there's actually stuff to do.)

All day long I was craving Israeli Salad. I really really really wanted Israeli salad. I figured I'd get falafel for dinner on my date with my Little Brother, but Aderet needed a babysitter and she definitely takes priority over me - so the date was postponed until Thursday. And so - on my way back to The Ranch I stopped at the shuk and picked up some cucumbers and tomatoes and some fresh fluffy whole wheat pitot and then I even walked allll the way home. :)

It's a little bit crazy to think that today is the 'one month' mark till my wedding.



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