Friday, January 11, 2008

Little Girls Are Cheap...

I find it hard to understand why a 6oz box of Mike&Ikes sells for 95cents in the US and costs more than 3X that much in Israel. Stupid Candies. Speaking of them - today I ingested an entire box of them. (Must be a family thing cause my Big Sis had a box of them too.)

This past Shabbos was really really really nice. I didn't go to shul Friday night (because opted to sit on the big chair instead) and Shabbos morning I went to the Shul, but didn't actually do any davening as Mommy catered a kiddush for the Misrati Bar-Mitzvah and she needed some help with the set-up. Eli's friend Esther was at our house for Shabbos and Zsh and Abe came for lunch too. On Motzash; Daddy, Zsh and I watched 'Indiana Jones & The Raiders of the Lost Ark.' It was a fun bonding experience. Next up: Dr. Strangelove. :)

Yesterday was a pretty typical Sunday. The bus to Jeru in the morning was almost fun (but Eli took a sheirut) and work was annoying. Shosh came to visit me and we even went out to the shuk for a few minutes so I could get some food and she could meet up with her Bro & Co. After work I walked back to The Ranch and spent the remainder of the evening on the couch wasting my time.

This morning was same-old and pretty boring. I actually walked to work and work was as usual.

I started the post above on the 31st of December. I'm not quite sure what happened to me after. Must've faded out. But I'm back now. At least, for today. I guess, I just needed a reminder of why I blog. It's twofold you see. One is a purely selfish motive and the other is for those of you who I don't get to speak to or see in a regular basis. (MIRYAM I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!)

This past week was actually QUITE incredible. It all started with last Shabbos which I spent in Jerusalem at the Arbit's house in Talpiot and at the Guth's house near the shuk with Zsh. Work was quite nice and my bosses told me to take off Wednesday morning on the pretense of doing 'wedding stuff' (thanks to President Bush's visit, when I called them to find out what time they wanted me at the office in the afternoon they told me to take the rest of the day off too.) So I spent a WONDERFUL Wednesday with Zsh in Bet Shemesh. We ordered our 'thank you' cards and played Boggle and it was like a Sunday smack in the middle of the week. To add to the craziness, Chaviva and Yaakov (finally) got engaged! (It has been 5 years.) And did I mention that a week and a bit ago Josh & Jacci finally decided to make it official too?! Last night I spent more quality time with Zsh and we finally finished watching Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom. Now Shabbos is on its way and it's going to be a quiet one. Zsh is taking a bunch of Yesodei guys to Sderot which means he won't be Home, and Little Brother is in Jerusalem. I think I have a walk booked with Shani for some point and Freddie will be Home, so we'll have to be 'wild' at some point. ;)

Oh yeah, and I can't forget to mention that after some careful calculations and much deliberation, I officially booked my tickets to Australia!!!!!!!!!! I'm going! I'm going! I'm going! I am SOOOOOO excited!!!!! 3 weeks in Australia!!!! I can't wait!!!!! Ok, so it's a few months early (I was supposed to go for my 23rd birthday) but I figure that if making the trip a little earlier means that I get to go to Becca's wedding that it's TOTALLY worth it. (And then some!!!!!!) Anywho - Z & me depart, iy"H, on the 25th of March and I am so unbelievably and ridiculously excited!

Hope to be around a little more this week. I should watch one less episode of 'House' every night and blog instead. I know I should. I just have to put it into practice... Have a GREAT Shabbos!!!


Sassy said...

I miss you Lori! Glad you had a good week though! Which season of House are you watching?

Rik said...

I'm so happy your back at it and with a happy post! Since I haven't had time I've been waiting for you to update so I could read about your life. Btw, just cuz I'm done doesn't mean I have time... But I will get on a nice long e-mail soon...

manfred said...

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Lorelai said...

Sas, I'm FINALLY up to Season 3 of House. Unfortunately, I've missed a whole bunch and a lot of the visual details, cause I stream it online.

RIK - YAY!!!! You're done!!!!! :) Can't wait for the e-mail. Maybe I'll get started on one of my own.

Random note: If anyone wants to get me a present - House MD on DVD would be perfect. (And for all those concerned, Z likes it too, so it wouldn't be like torturing him with 'chick flicks' or anything...)