Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Trees Are Green?!

Today's Goal: Open a 'tik' with the rabanut (so that we're officially getting married both halachically & legally.)

At 6:00 this morning I woke up. I waited for my alarm to ring at 6:20 before hopping out of bed. By 7:30 I was ready to leave the house and Z was waiting for me too. We caught a bus to Jeru, then a second bus to Town and walked a few blocks to the Rabanut. After waiting almost 45 minutes they threw our papers back at us and told us that we had no choice but to register in Bet Shemesh (as the documentation in my Teudat Zehut states that I am a resident of Bet Shemesh.) SO we made our way to Geulah and waited 45 minutes for a bus to show up. (Did I mention that it was 11:30 and the Rabanut in Bet Shemesh is only open from 9:30-12:30!?) Finally a bus came and we made it back to Bet Shemesh with 10 minutes to get to the Rabanut. Seated with the Rabbi in his office he explained to us that some of the documentation wasn't 'good enough' to be able to open a 'tik' with them. We would have waited until another day to continue this crusade but the rule is that the 'tik' must be opened at least 45 days before the wedding and (both luckily and unfortunately) today is day 45 of the count-down. So, we had to be persistent. Finally the Rabbi agreed to 'open' the 'tik' with the documents that we had, so we did what we could and then headed out. Back at Home, Freddie was on her way out to the bus. I joined her and we took a VERY crowded 417 to Jerusalem. The bus was so crowded that we had the honor of standing the entire way, traffic and all. Finally, back in The City (once more) we split up and as she headed to the hopsickal, I made my way to the office, only 3 hours late.

Today's Funniest Lines:
(Sammy while standing on a 417): "Well, who's fault is it that your fiance isn't Jewish?!"
(Me in the candy store): "I'll get the chocolate. You watch for the bus."
(Daddy after leaving the Rabanut Bet Shemesh): "So you're an aidle maidle and he's a shaigetz?"
(Toffee after getting off of the 417): "Smelly bus. Yucky. Yucky."

Sheesh...with a name like Zalman, who woulda thunk we'd have such issues?!

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Rik said...

My brother isn't Jewish? Who knew? You know I always suspected as much...
I hope you find this under all that history crap.