Thursday, January 17, 2008

"We're off to see the wizzzzzer..."

I'm here! I'm here! I'm still here!!
Hello? Is anybody there?
Hmmm... *mutters* ...mmmH

HoW OdD...

Yesterday was fun. Work was RIDICULOUSLY busy and I barely had any time to breathe. (2 days in a row. Quite strange indeed.) Of course, I 'popped out' a whoooole buncha' times to check on my invitations at the printer. Mommy and Eli showed up to reclaim a whole bunch of Rubbermaid and serving stuff then I went back to work and worked and worked. At 5:30 the invitations were ready (finally!) So, I picked them up and dropped 'em off at the corner where Mommy and Eli were a'waitin for me. Then I went - back to work. Hahahahaha! At 6ish I headed off to Geulah. I stopped at the Brooklyn Bakery (my FAVORITEST) and got a Black&White cookie (also my FAVORITEST) then I went to the bagel place to meet up with Shosh and Jackie! After eating we made our way over to the Zir Chemed play at the theater who's name I can never remember. This year's production was 'The Wisdom of Oz' (in which a little girl named Dorothy and her VERY over-sized but utterly-adorable little dog are transported somewhere over the rainbow where the music is a conglomeration of theme songs ranging from Inspector Gadget to The Prince of Egypt...) The performance was very very well done (and we got some Bet Shemesh 'nachas' too as one of the Ben-David girls was a part of the cast.) On the way home we stopped at the Meuchedet building (to pick up vitamins) and then sauntered the rest of the way back to The Ranch.

As for today - well, I woke up early and got out late. (Not that this is anything unusual.) It was cold - but I did get a shmoiling boiling HOT shower (which was REALLY nice) and since I was feeling so extremely chipper I put on my 'Grumpy' shirt and I even washed 1/2 of the dishes and deiced to take out the garbage. Got to work late - but who really cares? (HA!) and was given SOOOO much stupid work that I just HAD TO take a break. So I went out for a walk with my Big Sis (for one of the last times!!!! WAHHHHHHH!!!!) Now it's 2:30 and that means there's another 3.5 hours left for me to sit in the office at the beck&call of the bossy people. On the bright side - Zsh is supposed to come and rescue me at the end of the day. So, that's something to look forward to. Maybe he'll be REALLY nice and agree to watch a 'chick flick' tonight. I really just need something light, fun and fluffy.

The tension headaches and the stress in my neck/back are really not doing so well. I really need a massage. Or maybe just some uninterrupted sleep - if only I could get some relief even if only in my dreams...

41 days. Yay!

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ME said...

Thanks for the dishes and the garbage. Ur welcome for the HOT shower!!!! ANd meuchedet for vitamins?