Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Winter Wonderland UPDATE...

At 12:00 my bosses declared (with sighs of frustration and aggravation) that due to weather conditions, today would officially be declared a snow-day and that the office would remain closed.

So we sat around in our cozy living room with the heater blasting and watched the snow fall outside. As our luck would have it, as soon as we decided to go out for a walk the snow turned into heavy rain and soon after it became a mix of freezing rain and hail. So we waited around until the skies cleared a bit and then bundled up we headed out into the mush.

And mush is certainly what it was. (CLICK HERE for some additional pictures. They're at the END of the album.) But the walk was A LOT of fun! We made our way past T.M. and as we splashed through some MORE puddles, I decided that my toes were 'numb enough' and we declared our walk successful. So, we made our way around and back towards The Ranch past Binyanei Ha'Umah.

Back at The Ranch the building had officially 'run out' of gas (meaning that the building is out of hot water until further notice.) But we enjoyed some dinner and some more hot-chocolates nonetheless.

Now - I suppose that as soon as I get tired of watching the snow-flakes float by that I should get some sleep. I REALLY REALLY hope that the snow keeps falling steadily, because I would honestly LOVE to have another snow-day tomorrow. :)

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