Wednesday, February 27, 2008


My wedding is tomorrow. I've been engaged for 235 days and still have one day to go.

I DO NOT like this week of ABSOLUTELY no communication thing. It's stupid and is making my life miserable. It's upsetting to the point that I have a mind not to speak to him tomorrow just out of sheer frustration or maybe I'll just skip the whole party altogether.

Why am I getting married anyway? All it means is more work, more stress and less freedom for me.

He can't be worth the hassle.

I just know it.

Monday, February 25, 2008

I Hate Waiting... :-O

Hello hello. I haven't forgotten about the blogosphere in my insanity of wedding plans and the quickly approaching date.

I'd say I've been busy - but the truth is, I honestly don't remember all the things I've been doing. I mean, a few things stick in my mind such as; having my sheitels cut and styled, getting a facial, surprising Saba on his birthday, waxing my under-arms for the first time (which didn't hurt as much as I thought it would), saying goodbye to Z for a WHOLE week, spending loads of time with friends, chillin with Rik and all sorts of other stuff. I've been working more or less (towards the end of the day I tend to get restless and wander out an hour early or so...) but I've basically been on a relatively busy schedule even though the specifics escape me.

So, here I am - my wedding is in 3.5 days and I am starting to get nervous-ish. Not in a bad way - I suppose it's just impatience. I've officially been waiting for 7 months for it - and it's finally almost here...but only almost (although by the time you hear from me again it'll probably be in the middle of sheva-brachot.)

I guess after the wedding the 'big' stuff to do is moving my junk from Home and actually going out and buying towels and sheets and maybe even beds... Hmmm, what a thought.

Point of the story is - a WHOLE week of not seeing Z and not speaking to him and not SMSing him and not IMing him and not e-mailing him and not Facebooking him is getting REALLY REALY REALLY ridiculously annoying. ARG!!! 3 days left and I'm going insane!!!! I'm soooooo sick of waiting!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008


Hello there! I'm still here! Wedding insanity is officially setting in. 10 days to go... Eeeeek!!!

Shabbos was good fun (aside from my insane mood swings.) We didn't take any walks even though the weather was glorious (cause I was a LAZY BUM!!!) On motza"sh we went to Saba & Savta's house to surprise Saba with pumpkin cranberry muffins for his birthday!!!

Sunday morning was an adventure. First we headed off to pick up Savta, then we made our way to the wrong apartment and finally when we found the right place the person we were supposed to meet was missing! Uh-oh... Luckily, somebody knew where she was and they went to find her. Desicions were made and here I MUST add a BIG BIG THANK YOU to Savta & Saba!!!!!!!!!!

After the meeting we headed Home and I packed up my stuff quickly then Rivkah and I headed into The City. I went straight to the office and got there only 1/2 an hour late. The boss lady bogged me down with a ton of pointless letters and then skipped off with her husband to hold his hand while he was at the dentist. Of course, they didn't come back.

I left work on time. Chaviva and I walked back to The Ranch. The weather was crisp and coooold. (The weather man is predicting snow for tonight - but I'm not so convinced...)

Finally Shosh and the rest of the Sheffield clan arrived. (Yay! Shosh is back from shmutz laaretz from her crazy engaged-getting shopping-spree trip!!!!) Their visit didn't last toooooo long and soon they left and we were all ready for bed.

This morning I woke up at 7:30 and I headed out to the office at 8:30. I made it there by 9:00 and at about 11:00 I'll be leaving to head to Ramat Eshkol on another errand. This one is gonna be fun though. The second errand on the schedule for today should be interesting. I guess we'll see how it goes...

It's Mommy's english-birthday today!!! Happy (goyish) birthday Mommy!!!

More later? We'll see...

Monday, February 11, 2008

Cereal Containers...

Today I had the chipperest day in as long as I can remember. I must say that I can not figure out what people who don't work or learn or have a set schedule do with themselves all day every day. I don't think I would be able to handle it or entertain myself for that long. But I must admit, there is something VERY special about having a day off or even a morning off every once in a while that makes you appreciate life in a whole new way.

This morning it's not like I got to sleep in, and I certainly didn't have a lazy morning and a huge breakfast but I accomplished a ton of stuff (with help of course) and now that's another 2 major things that can be semi-crossed off my list. I spent a morning with my mother and my awesome-almost-soon-soon-sister-in-law and we ran simple errands. (Well, as simple as errands come when you are in the final stages of organizing a wedding anyway.

First stop was to try on sheitels, which was amusing beyond belief. (I had NEVER imagined wanting one, but as time crept on by I realized that as much as my hair annoys me, the thought of never having hair to show off again or to twirl around my finger on long bus rides was pretty sad. So I decided to get a band-fall. The trouble was, after finding THE PERFECT band-fall which matched me exactly, I tried on a full sheitel and I actually really really liked it. So, now I have the dilemma of which one to get...It's ok, I have until Sunday to think about it.)

Second stop was in Geulah/Meah Shearim to order the 'mincha/maarivs' for the wedding. We went to the little place and the guy was quite helpful. Hopefully we'll have them by the end of the week.

After the errands I took Mommy out for a bagel breakfast and then we drove around in circles (sorta) to find parking near Town. It was then that I headed to the office and Mommy went off in search of shoes. I don't know if she found any shoes, but I definitely found the office and a mountain of work waiting for me. Still, I persisted in being chipper and smiled my way through everything.

After work I stopped at the shuk to pick up some whole-wheat pitot, (cause we were out again) and then I figured I might as well walk back to The Ranch. Of course, when I got to the T.M. point I decided that a real shopping spree in the grocery store couldn't hurt, so I went in and picked up a bunch of essentials (including delipecan cereal which was on a 'buy 1 get 2 free' sale...right Daddy?) ;)

Back at The Ranch I just babbled and babbled for about 4 hours to Rivkah and then I decided to try and organize the music that I want at the wedding. So I spent a couple of hours going through all of my Jewish music and looking for the perfect song to walk down to the chuppah to.

Shosh called, which was nice and we got to shmooze and catch up on current events. She'll be back in Israel on Sunday and I am rather looking forward to it.

I can't believe that my wedding is in 16.5 days.

I think I am nervous and slightly freaking out.

This can't be happening!!!


Sunday, February 10, 2008


Hello all! It's been a little while (again.) No valid reason aside from, it snowed for 2 days, I was sick with the flu for almost a week, I took off a few days from work because I was so sick, Rivkah finally arrived in Israel, Shoshana flew to Ottawa and got engaged, Tonny and Tzivi got married and oh yeah my wedding is in 18 days!!!!!

This past Shabbos was really nice. Zsh was Home and he had 2 friends, Avishai and Teddy over for the Shabbos day meal. We played with Fringe & Frizzie and played Rumikub and all in all - it was a very nice and relaxing type of Shabbos.

Motzash was the shower. It was almost a surprise but it was EXTREMELY enjoyable. Savta & Saba opened their Home and friend's of mine came from allllll over to shower me with love and advice for the future. All in all a highly entertaining and appreciated evening! Thank you everyone!!!

This morning I went in to work early and at work I actually did stuff. Like, I filed and I organized and I managed to find stuff that the bosses wanted and I was useful. I received a job-lead from a neighbor and all that is left for me to dois to fix-up my CV and send it out, why am I being so stupid and not just doing it?! I KNOW I need to and I KNOW I want to - why haven't I done it yet?! I'm going to let an incredible opportunity slip through my fingers because I'm being stupid - AGAIN! Arg!!! I'm ridiculous!!!

This evening I accompanied Zsh and Rik to Tonny & Tzivi's sheva brachot at the Arbit's shul in Baka. It was a whole lotta fun and I got to spend some time with some really incredible people!

The 14 bus finally showed up and my headache was getting worse by the minute - thank heavens for Tylenol PM. With itshelp I reckon I'll actually get some sleep tonight.

Tomorrow morning I'm going with Mommy to pick out a 'fall' - so that I can have hair even after I'm married.YAY!!! :)

Enough for tonight. Must get sleep.

Love love love love love... :)