Wednesday, February 27, 2008


My wedding is tomorrow. I've been engaged for 235 days and still have one day to go.

I DO NOT like this week of ABSOLUTELY no communication thing. It's stupid and is making my life miserable. It's upsetting to the point that I have a mind not to speak to him tomorrow just out of sheer frustration or maybe I'll just skip the whole party altogether.

Why am I getting married anyway? All it means is more work, more stress and less freedom for me.

He can't be worth the hassle.

I just know it.


Bob said...

You don't think that! D= I agree that the week-before shtick is really stupid, but this wedding is incredibly not stupid. It does not mean work, stress and a lack of freedom - it means happiness, trouble-sharing and dependency. It also means love, but that's besides the point.

He's a great guy, and totally worth any hassle involved. Chin up, the ride is just about to start...

RJ said...

You made it though the week POlly ( hey your not polly anymore) ... wedding party is over!!! no more waiting!!!
see you soon