Sunday, February 10, 2008


Hello all! It's been a little while (again.) No valid reason aside from, it snowed for 2 days, I was sick with the flu for almost a week, I took off a few days from work because I was so sick, Rivkah finally arrived in Israel, Shoshana flew to Ottawa and got engaged, Tonny and Tzivi got married and oh yeah my wedding is in 18 days!!!!!

This past Shabbos was really nice. Zsh was Home and he had 2 friends, Avishai and Teddy over for the Shabbos day meal. We played with Fringe & Frizzie and played Rumikub and all in all - it was a very nice and relaxing type of Shabbos.

Motzash was the shower. It was almost a surprise but it was EXTREMELY enjoyable. Savta & Saba opened their Home and friend's of mine came from allllll over to shower me with love and advice for the future. All in all a highly entertaining and appreciated evening! Thank you everyone!!!

This morning I went in to work early and at work I actually did stuff. Like, I filed and I organized and I managed to find stuff that the bosses wanted and I was useful. I received a job-lead from a neighbor and all that is left for me to dois to fix-up my CV and send it out, why am I being so stupid and not just doing it?! I KNOW I need to and I KNOW I want to - why haven't I done it yet?! I'm going to let an incredible opportunity slip through my fingers because I'm being stupid - AGAIN! Arg!!! I'm ridiculous!!!

This evening I accompanied Zsh and Rik to Tonny & Tzivi's sheva brachot at the Arbit's shul in Baka. It was a whole lotta fun and I got to spend some time with some really incredible people!

The 14 bus finally showed up and my headache was getting worse by the minute - thank heavens for Tylenol PM. With itshelp I reckon I'll actually get some sleep tonight.

Tomorrow morning I'm going with Mommy to pick out a 'fall' - so that I can have hair even after I'm married.YAY!!! :)

Enough for tonight. Must get sleep.

Love love love love love... :)

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