Thursday, March 27, 2008

Norton and Jeeves...

Hello all! I'm posting from down-under. Sydney, Australia that is.

A quick summary of our trip:

We departed from Tel Aviv, flew to England, spent a day in London, boarded a plane to Singapore, touched down and spent an hour in the airport, boarded yet another plane and finally touched down in Australia, Becca picked us up at the airport and drove us back to her house where we 'freshened up' and then headed out for breakfast and to meet with the florist for Becca & Yoni's wedding, after choosing her bouquet we made our way back to the house to pick up the car. We dropped off the dry cleaning and drove out to Blue Point where we got an INCREDIBLE view of the harbour bridge and the Sydeney Opera House. After a quick errand we decided to fill Z's 'burger craving' so we went for burgers and fresh hot chips for lunch. Then we shpatzired around in Nielson's Park and enjoyed the views and the water before heading off to pick up Racheli (Becca's little sister) from school (where we had to sign in as visitors and hold on to little 'guest passes')

Back at the house we relaxed a bit and actually - that's what we're up to now. It's 4:20 in the afternoon and I am quite zonked. Still, I refuse to fall asleep on this comfy couch because I WANT to sleep tonight! I'm gonna get right on schedule... :)

Still tons to do this afternoon/evening/night. Yay! This is SO much fun!!!

Pictures to follow... :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Off the face of the planet...

So we're leaving for Australia on Tuesday morning and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

In addition the job-hunt is becoming a NIGHTMARE. I've gotten a whole bunch of leads and even an offer but I'm paranoid about taking it because the work seems mind-numbingly boring. I mean it's writing. I never wanted to be a journalist or a writer. As you can tell from this experiment, keeping up with anything for any extended amount of time bores me so to know that I NEED to have something written by a certain point and when the material is boring -I just don't know.

Bored bored bored and I have NO idea what to do with my life.


PS - not to share disgusting information but I am SICK of the dry weather. Every square inch of my body itches and I can't get away from it because it's attached to me!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I really can't wait for Thursday night. Really really really can't wait. Ooooooof!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The 12th 417...

Where to begin. Well, our trip to Ikea was HUGELY successful! (Thank you Saba & Savta!!!) It was a fun day out and a bonding experience too!

Our Shabbos plans were disrupted by the piguah Thursday night (because Mercaz Harav Kook is literally a block away and we were 'locked-out' of Jerusalem.) So we wound up in Bet Shemesh which was nice because I got to spend some time with Freddie and on Shabbos afternoon the family went out for the meal so me and Z got to have a Shabbos meal all by ourselves. Shabbos afternoon was devoted to resting and recuperating from the previous week of sheva brachot insanity and motza"sh we headed back into The City.

We only waited '5 minutes' for an empty bus to stop and pick us up and once on the bus we made it to The City in record time.

This morning we woke up bright and early and started assembling book-cases and kitchen shelves. I also took an hour to wash down the washing machine and the icky little mirpeset that it lives on.

It looks much better now and our shower-room looks very cheery with it's bright orange shower-curtain and the ducky-curtain too.

Today was my first day back at the office and it was EXHAUSTING. Of course that makes me a bit wary since today was only a 6 hour sprint and I have yet to inform the bosses that the '9 hour days' that I've been working until now will NOT be feasible now that I'm hitched and have someone at Home waiting for me at the end of the day.

On the bright side - the 2 'big' bosses will be flying off to England tomorrow afternoon and won't be returning until next Sunday. That makes me a very happy girl because it means that I can play the float on whatever spare time I want or need.

I need to go to Bet Shemesh to deal with something at Misrad Ha'pnim. I wonder which morning I should take off for that. Hahahaha...

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Snickleberry Twidgets...

Yesterday we unsuccessfully attempted to straighten up the apartment. However, due to a lack of storage space and an over-abundance of ucky ancient cabinets we were unable to put things in their proper places.

Last night was the final sheva-brachot.

A final summary of the parties:

Friday night hosted by Saba & Savta at Rabbi David's shul in Sheinfeld.
Shabbat Day / Seudah Shlishit hosted by Mommy & Daddy at Etz Chaim.
Sunday afternoon hosted by Yeshivat Yesodei Hatorah on Zanoach (at the yeshiva no less...)
Monday evening hosted by the collective of 'rechov Gad' although we actually gathered on rechov Asher.
Tuesday night hosted by The Nemoy Family held at The Silver's home on Rechov Gad.
Wednesday evening hosted by 'the givaah and surrounding streets' held at The Clark Family's home.

Today we've got to get some grocery shopping done and then I need to finish packing up my stuff from Freddie's Room. The exciting part is gonna be our adventure this afternoon. Mommy, Daddy, Saba & Savta have agreed to chauffer us to IKEA to have a 'fun day out' - I'm hoping we'll find some useful stuff (like maybe some bookshelves for all of my books) but really I'm just happy that we're getting a day off to do something fun without having to rush back for anything.

I just hope we manage to get everything in order enough to actually be able to make shabbos. I guess we'll see...

Monday, March 03, 2008

Presenting: Mrs. Lori Nemoy...

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Just wanted y'all to know that I haven't disappeared from the Blogosphere and I intend to keep popping in at random intervals. This week is a little nutty between sheva brachot and trying to move into Jerusalem. The Ranch shall retain its nickname but shall now also be referred to as home too.

Today's agenda includes packing and moving all of our kitchen-stuff and the majority of my stuff up to The City. Of course, since all of our sheva brachot are in Bet Shemesh we'll be spending a lot of time on the road going back & forth. (Oh goody!)
More later! Much love to you all! (Especially Aunt Foofoo!!! I got your incredibly sweet letter - and it almost had me in tears!!! A BAZILLION 'thank you's!!!)