Sunday, March 09, 2008

The 12th 417...

Where to begin. Well, our trip to Ikea was HUGELY successful! (Thank you Saba & Savta!!!) It was a fun day out and a bonding experience too!

Our Shabbos plans were disrupted by the piguah Thursday night (because Mercaz Harav Kook is literally a block away and we were 'locked-out' of Jerusalem.) So we wound up in Bet Shemesh which was nice because I got to spend some time with Freddie and on Shabbos afternoon the family went out for the meal so me and Z got to have a Shabbos meal all by ourselves. Shabbos afternoon was devoted to resting and recuperating from the previous week of sheva brachot insanity and motza"sh we headed back into The City.

We only waited '5 minutes' for an empty bus to stop and pick us up and once on the bus we made it to The City in record time.

This morning we woke up bright and early and started assembling book-cases and kitchen shelves. I also took an hour to wash down the washing machine and the icky little mirpeset that it lives on.

It looks much better now and our shower-room looks very cheery with it's bright orange shower-curtain and the ducky-curtain too.

Today was my first day back at the office and it was EXHAUSTING. Of course that makes me a bit wary since today was only a 6 hour sprint and I have yet to inform the bosses that the '9 hour days' that I've been working until now will NOT be feasible now that I'm hitched and have someone at Home waiting for me at the end of the day.

On the bright side - the 2 'big' bosses will be flying off to England tomorrow afternoon and won't be returning until next Sunday. That makes me a very happy girl because it means that I can play the float on whatever spare time I want or need.

I need to go to Bet Shemesh to deal with something at Misrad Ha'pnim. I wonder which morning I should take off for that. Hahahaha...

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