Thursday, March 27, 2008

Norton and Jeeves...

Hello all! I'm posting from down-under. Sydney, Australia that is.

A quick summary of our trip:

We departed from Tel Aviv, flew to England, spent a day in London, boarded a plane to Singapore, touched down and spent an hour in the airport, boarded yet another plane and finally touched down in Australia, Becca picked us up at the airport and drove us back to her house where we 'freshened up' and then headed out for breakfast and to meet with the florist for Becca & Yoni's wedding, after choosing her bouquet we made our way back to the house to pick up the car. We dropped off the dry cleaning and drove out to Blue Point where we got an INCREDIBLE view of the harbour bridge and the Sydeney Opera House. After a quick errand we decided to fill Z's 'burger craving' so we went for burgers and fresh hot chips for lunch. Then we shpatzired around in Nielson's Park and enjoyed the views and the water before heading off to pick up Racheli (Becca's little sister) from school (where we had to sign in as visitors and hold on to little 'guest passes')

Back at the house we relaxed a bit and actually - that's what we're up to now. It's 4:20 in the afternoon and I am quite zonked. Still, I refuse to fall asleep on this comfy couch because I WANT to sleep tonight! I'm gonna get right on schedule... :)

Still tons to do this afternoon/evening/night. Yay! This is SO much fun!!!

Pictures to follow... :)


tnspr569 said...

You drove?! On the wrong side of the road, no less?! Fun!!

Enjoy your time there!

Shabbat Shalom!

TJ said...

Sounds like fun so far.
Keep up the good work