Thursday, March 06, 2008

Snickleberry Twidgets...

Yesterday we unsuccessfully attempted to straighten up the apartment. However, due to a lack of storage space and an over-abundance of ucky ancient cabinets we were unable to put things in their proper places.

Last night was the final sheva-brachot.

A final summary of the parties:

Friday night hosted by Saba & Savta at Rabbi David's shul in Sheinfeld.
Shabbat Day / Seudah Shlishit hosted by Mommy & Daddy at Etz Chaim.
Sunday afternoon hosted by Yeshivat Yesodei Hatorah on Zanoach (at the yeshiva no less...)
Monday evening hosted by the collective of 'rechov Gad' although we actually gathered on rechov Asher.
Tuesday night hosted by The Nemoy Family held at The Silver's home on Rechov Gad.
Wednesday evening hosted by 'the givaah and surrounding streets' held at The Clark Family's home.

Today we've got to get some grocery shopping done and then I need to finish packing up my stuff from Freddie's Room. The exciting part is gonna be our adventure this afternoon. Mommy, Daddy, Saba & Savta have agreed to chauffer us to IKEA to have a 'fun day out' - I'm hoping we'll find some useful stuff (like maybe some bookshelves for all of my books) but really I'm just happy that we're getting a day off to do something fun without having to rush back for anything.

I just hope we manage to get everything in order enough to actually be able to make shabbos. I guess we'll see...


~{~~@ said...

family tradition- we also went to ikea on the week of our 7 brachot... loL!

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