Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Because I Keep My Promises...

Well y'all - from no posts in a month to 2 posts in a day.

That's a pretty good rebound time - dontcha think?

So - here's a link to a general summary of my month of May in photo form.

I figure that's the easiest way to catch you up more or less on the going-ons of my life at the moment.

Have I mentioned that writing 'thank you notes' for wedding gifts is THE stupidest thing EVERRRR?!?!?! OF COURSE I APPRECIATED YOUR GIFT AND IF I DIDN'T DO YOU THINK I'M GONNA LIE ON THE LITTLE CARD AND TELL YOU HOW AWFUL IT WAS?! Golly gee, I think not. *sigh* Whatever, only like 25 left and I finally got around to writing the names on the envelopes and sealing them. Now they just need to get delivered.

Oh - and I also wanted to share the resolution of my earlier 'chair gripe' with you.

I remembered quite randomly this late afternoon that when the comfy office whairs were ordered that 3 of them were actually brought in. I knew that one was where it belonged and that mine had been absconded, so I went on a mission and located the third one (sitting lonely and unused at the back of the office.) I simply switched the uncomfortable chair for the 'extra' comfy one. I reckon this is yet another opportunity to learn the lesson that, 'there is more than one way to skin a cat' or is it that 'two wrongs don't make a right'?

Alas, I can not answer this deep thought at the moment. I'm simply too tired.

Maybe tomorrow...

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