Wednesday, May 28, 2008

For My Freddie...

I'm here! I'm here! Still kicking! Still swimming! Still breathing! Still alive! Married! Busy! Insanely busy! With what? I have no clue.

I honestly can't be bothered to check my last post, so I'm not sure what I wrote or when it was. I have a funny feeling that it was about a month ago. (Which, I must admit, makes me very sad. I didn't want to get back to these once a month postings. Too much happens in a month and if I don't write it here then I won't remember it.)

So - today is the 3 month anniversary. We've been married for 3 months and haven't killed each other. We've had our fights and will continue to have them but things are settled into routine and so long as you can work through the rough patches and make-up everything is gonna be juuuust fine. :)

Last night was a girls night out with mommy and the sister. We started in town (where the bank ate Freddie's credit-card) and after a quick welcoming party at The Ranch for Akiva we headed out to Malcha Mall for some REALLY REALLY yummy chinese at Korusin.

I am currently seething in silence at a co-worker who is relatively new to the office and had the audacity to switch our chairs while I was away in Australia and when I returned she got all annoyed at me when I took my chair back. I WORKED MY A$$ off for 2 years to earn that chair!!!!! What a Witch! Arg! SO now I have an awful chair with no padding that can't be adjusted properly and that doesn't wheel properly which makes my butt, back, neck, legs and arms ache continually (since I spend somewhere between 40-42 hours a week in it.)

This afternoon I'm going to go with Freddie to help her get her card back from the bank and maybe we'll even go out for a bite to eat.

I can't really put together coherent thoughts right now and this is gonna turn into a total ramble so I think I'll stop and spare you.

At Freddie's request I just wanted to let you know that I'm alive and well and that I have been thinking about updating - it's just that the time never seems to be right and when the time is right there is so much else to do.

Real life is frustrating.

That's about all I can say.



TJ said...

U r back!!!
Missed u...

partner said...

Yay!! She's back!!!
Can u do a post about the wedding pls!!! i want to see pics!!! Or at least send me some - please!!!

freddie said...

yay! pictures!

~{~~@ said...

nice to know u'r still there :(
missed u...
come back, jack?! i mean...

Anonymous said...

Ditto re the welcome backs...keep blogging, married lady!