Monday, June 02, 2008

Jam & Toast...

Yesterday Freddie surprised me at work and then we went to town and had really yummy fro-yo and spent some time together. When she had to head to The Old City we split ways and I went home to make some dinner. I needed something quick, easy and yummy. 2 chicken breasts and some BBQ sauce later, there was juicy yummy chicken which I sliced into strips and rolled up with some lettuce in a laffa. Chicken wraps. Yum!

Today is Yom Yerushalayim. Not that I have the opportunity to celebrate or anything. I mean, I could've done something last night but I had to go home and be supportive of the husband - cause he had an etremely 'trying' day of interviews and tests for college. As for today, I'll be working from 9-6 and after a 9 hour sprint I hardly ever have koach to do ANYTHING, not that I don't want to - I just always feel so physically drained.

I didn't sleep well last night - AT ALL. There was a mosquito in my room which managed to bite me a few times, because my blanket wasn't on so well, because it is soooo HOT here and there wasn't even a breeze last night. Upon complaining to the husband I was greeted with the only phrase that I hear from him consistently, "I'm tired" so at 3 AM I gave up and took my pillow and teddy and moved to the couch. I fell into a deep sleep and was rudely awakened about an hour later by a familiar buzzing in my ear. After slapping myself a few times and scratching myself bloody (again) I gave up. I managed to doze between buzzing-rounds and was wary when there was no buzzing convinced that the little bugger was biting me. (Which I'm sorry to tell you, was correct as the welts on my arms, stomach, back and legs can attest to.)

Now it's 7:15 in the morning. I've actually been up since 5:50. I showered and took my time choosing out my clothes (although I still don't match) and then I washed some dishes that I forgot about last night and ate a cookie.

I guess I should figure out what to take with me for lunch. We don't have tooooo many left-overs from Shabbat, so that makes it a bit more difficult. But I'm sure I can scrounge up something. Chaval we don't have any potatoes left, or I'd make some yummy hash-browns for breakfast. It's also chaval that I can't leave for work now, because it's simply waaaay too early.

Basically, I'm bored and I'm stuck here with nothing of much importance to do aside from some MORE thank you notes. Most of them are written and are sitting on our table waiting to be delivered. One has been hand delivered already so that just leaves the other hudred and forty-nine forus to worry about. Sheesh. Thank you notes. What a waste of time.

I'm achy and tired and kvetchy and it's Monday and considering last night's no-goodness, I'm a little apprehensive about what today has got in store.




~{~~@ said...

u couldve come over - I woke up at 5:30 with fever and couldn't sleep :(

freddie said...

See, in the end of the day, you found something fun to do :)
I would have eaten a chicken wrap, but we finished late!
Oh, today is such a weird mishmeret!!!!
Save me!

Bob said...

In my experience, sleeping with a fan pointed at you prevents mosquito troubles.

Happy Yom Yerushalayim... =/

Lorelai said...

Sis - I really should've come over. Hope you're feeling better.

Freddie - The chicken wraps were the 2nd best part of my week so far. And spending time with you gets 1st place.

Bob - I WISH I could sleep with a fan pointed at me. It'd keep me cooler too, but he hubby can't sleep with air blowing straight on him.