Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Today was Tuesday. Oddly enough, it was a good day. (How often does that happen and on a Tuesday of all days?) Why was it a good day? Well, lemme try to explain...

I woke up thinking it was Sunday, which meant that I didn't have to be at work until 12. I didn't realize that it was Tuesday until 9:00 while on a bus into the city. Somehow I made it to work by 10, so I only had to work until 7 (which ended up working out juuuust fine for me.)

I told the bosses that I'm planning on taking off on Sunday June 29th (a special day for no particular reasons) and they said fine (since they know I have a TON of extra hours on the time clock.)

I walked both ways today - so that was nice.

And oh yeah, I got presents!!! Lots and lots of presents which I really want to share with you. So here are some pictures, hope you enjoy them and the commentary. (Feel special, these pictures are NOT on Facebook. Lol! I'm only posting them for you, my loyal readers.) :)

This is the honey-bear that Saba & Savta picked up for me in the USA. No Home should be without one. THANK YOU!!!This is Richerd. He is a Philbert. His full name is Richerd Philbert. (I'm not joking. Just ask Brenda.) The boss went to a show in New Orleans last week. He brought back some Tnuva USA goodies. I got a smooshy-cow. Tnuva branded and all. The big boss got me a present too. 150 Crayola Crayons in a really funky telescoping crayon tower!!!
Check out alllllll those colors!!!!
I can almost taste the rainbow!!! I am soooo excited to try them all out!!!
And that's basically the story of my happy Tuesday.

The nicest thing about weeks with looong weekends is that the work-week is shortened which means less days at work and more days at play.

Play make me happy.

I'm gonna go color a picture.

Goodbye now, goodbye, g'bye now, bye bye... :)


Anonymous said...

Can I play with the pretty color stix too?

Anonymous said...

Thou art blessed. Don't forget to say Thank You!

'Yo Abba

PS: I didn't even know that you started blogging again! Give regards to the Boy.

The Simons said...

The crayons are so cool! Im slightly jealous...

tnspr569 said...

I've never seen such a cool crayon package!! Enjoy all of the presents!! And I agree with you about the honey- an essential product for every home!

Abba/Mr. P- his name within the family is "The Boy"? Hee hee...

Rik said...

I told you starting on Tuesday makes the week shorter.

TJ said...

I love the honey bear (shame my home has not got one)