Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"Peeing is Freeing..."

I am on a new campaign of sorts. I'm trying to rehydrate myself, get in shape (which means losing some weight and starting to stretch again because I recently realized that I can no longer touch my toes) and just generally de-stress.

The stretching and de-stressing are boring but the rehydration effort is HIGHLY amusing. I decided that I need to aim to drink about 3 liters of water a day. Since I always carry my 3/4 liter bottle all I need to do is fill it up 4 times and drink all the contents. This of course means running to pee every 20-30 minutes. I'm still working out a schedule so I don't drink it all in the morning and wind up thirsty by the time night comes around. But the running to the bathroom thing is like an added bonus cause it's like an extra 5 minutes of walking every time I've gotta go.

Dinner last night was actually quite good. We picked up some 'first-class' parmesan cheese at the cheese place Eli showed us and although I used 3% milk instead of cream the alfredo sauce came out quite yummy (I thought so anyway) especially since we threw in some sauteed mushrooms and onions.

While cooking dinner we got to watch a hachnasat sefer torah pass by with the truck and flashing lights and music and everything. It was quite exciting.

I am completely at a loss for things to write so I guess I'll stop now.

Be back later... :)


freddie said...

I like when you blog, because it gives me something to read when I want a break at work :) The typing comments bit, makes me LOOK busy (even though I dont really have a reason to be typing.)
One of the nurses let me take blood, even though it wasnt with an IV, but it was still exciting! So I did something sort of new today (I mean I have taken blood before, the guy with the red crocs was nice like that...)
Ok, I've got to go wander around and find something to do!!!!!
I cant wait to see you on Friday! :)
Love you!

Partner said...

I like this blogging on a more regular basis thing!! it's great i get to know what's going on with u!!
Keep it up please!!!!