Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pastrami?! Ugh!!!

It was one of those funny days. Oddly enough a second 'good' Tuesday in a row. Work was ok, I didn't do much for most of the morning and I was given minimal work in the afternoon but I did answer the phone a whole lot and Facebook changed its layout at some point which sort of added some interest to the day.

Yesterday TJ and I went out at the end of the day to pick up salad stuff and 'good' deli. I was planning on making a BIG deli salad for dinner. However, since Akiva came over and I didn't want to share my deli with Zsh, I suggested pizza. Then when Zalman agreed to make pizza, I got in the mood for pizza, so I figured I'd save the salad.

When I woke up this morning I cut an enormous container full of salad, cut some deli into 'squares' and made some honey-mustard dressing. It was without a doubt THE BEST lunch that I have had in AGES!!! (Ages meaning since Zsh made that DEEELICIOUS chicken-pot-pie a few weeks ago...but it was still THE BEST lunch that I've had at the office in ages.)

My bosses are supposedly planning a ''going away dinner" for me at Entrecote (some newish meat restaurant near Har Chotzvim which is supposedly VERY good.)

I'm kind of finding it hard to believe that I'm actually leaving my job. It's been just shy of 3 years since I started working there and it's been just short of 2 years since I started working there full-time. Wow. That's a lot of hours.

Today I wore my 'Croc' flip-flops. They are riduculously comfortable to wear because the cushion feels SO nice to the soles of my feet. The only problem is the chupchik between my toes. I feel like it pushes my toes apart all day and at the end of the day I feel like there's a huge circle indent where the chupchik was. Oh wait, there is. Stam stam. Not really really. Just really-ish. Maybe it's my imagination.

I picked up Z from work today and we went and met up with 3 of his friends. The guys had a car so we drove out to the baguette place, ordered our food 'to-go' and took it back to The Ranch to enjoy a meal. Funny guys. Funny times. Quite an enjoyable evening.

I really need to file my nails. They've gotten ridiculously long. I am SO tempted to go for a manicure, but it just doesn't seem worth it. I'll have to consider the options...

Monday, July 21, 2008

I Love My Hubby...

So - quick background story - at about 10:00 this morning I got a RIDICULOUS craving for cinnamon buns. Then for some odd reason I started wanting pizza-bubble ring. The day CRAWLED by and FINALLY (1/2 an hour late) I was free to leave. I stopped along the way to pick up GOOD mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce (for dipping), yeast, flour and powdered sugar.

Back at The Ranch I started the cinnamon-buns first (since they needed between an hour and an hour-and-a-half to rise) I was doing fine until I got to the eggs. The recipe called for 2 eggs, which was exactly what I had right up until I cracked the 2nd one and it completely missed the cup and wound up on my skirt and the floor. (I STILL have NO idea how that happened.) Anywho, I ran out to the makolet and luckily they had eggs. So, it was only a 7 minute set-back (including clean up time.) Once the cinnamon-bun dough was rising I started the pizza dough. I figured we'd only need a single batch, so it was relatively easy to assemble. While the pizza dough rested I washed up the dishes. Ta da. :)
Eventually I decided to tackle the 'bubbles' so I pulled out the cheese and started stuff/roll-ing them. I decided to bake it in an aluminum-foil loaf pan. Once the bubble ring went into the oven. Haha, read toaster-oven...
I started the cinnamon-buns. First exciting thing - I DIDN'T kill the yeast and the dough actually rose!!! The dough was actually a REALLY nice consistency. I was duly (or is it doubly?) impressed. I made the cinnamon mush for the inside and rolled it up. I figured that I could use my heavy-duty super-duper chef's knife to cut the thing without smushing it toooo much. (Yes, it worked!) and then I lay down the buns in a greased pan just like the recipe said I should.
...Except that I neglected to take into account that the buns were going to rise again before baking and that they'd grow some more in the oven...whoops...anywho, I lined up allllll the cinnamon buns in this pan and covered them so they could rise.
When they started growing I began to get antsy and then when I put them in the oven and they grew some more I called mommy laughing hysterically with visions in my mind of these cinnamon bun things outgrowing the pan and taking over my apartment...Well luckily, they didn't. I guess they decided that they were big enough. Cause they stopped growing. Then they got all pretty and light brown-ish on the top, so I took them out of the oven. Then I poured on a DOUBLE-batch of powdered-sugar-glaze... YUMMMMMMM!!!!
And that was that. Dinner was ready to go. Zsh had brought Akiva home, so the three of us spent a good 1/2 hour enjoying the food. Then we took a short break before seconds, followed by picking at what was left... :)
So Mommy, YES - make the cinnamon buns again! They are REALLY good. Mark it down! :)

Alrighty - on to other things...

Toodles. :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sketchy Russian Beer...

Freddie and I loooove to celebrate together. Especially birthdays. Although I must admit, we deny ever getting any older. (We get that from our Meen'ma.)

So we decided (due to scheduling conflicts) that if I extended my Hebrew birthday celebration until today and Freddie celebrated her English Birthday a day early, then we would REALLY have an excuse to go 'all out' and have a great time.

So we decided on THE PERFECT plan. Dinner on Emek Refaim followed by the new Narnia Chronicles movie "Prince Caspian" (which was only playing down in Talpiot.) We wound up having a really nice Middle-Eastern type dinner and then (since we were running SUPER-early) we walked down to the theater. When we went to buy tickets we were informed that the last screening of the movie had been at 4:30PM and that the screening had been in Hebrew. Now, I must admit I was QUITE confused. Especially since I had checked the times on 2 different web-sites, called the theater to confirm AND it had been listed in the newspaper as well. But alas. I suppose things turn out the way they do for a reason. So we left the theater and as we wandered back towards the bus-stop I had a brilliant idea...

Becca's brother Reuven was having his 'swearing in' ceremony at 'Ammunition Hill' on the other side of town. The ceremony wasn't supposed to begin until 7:00PM and it was only 6:15PM. So we hopped on one bus and then another and made it for the very very end of the ceremony (when the parents and guests swarm onto the stage with the chayalim and general well-wishing occurs.) Zalman had taken my camera to the ceremony as arranged and he was VERY confused when suddenly I called him to tell him that he shouldn't leave without us. "Aren't you at a movie? I'm at Ammunition Hill and you're in Talpiot. Why are you asking me where I'm standing!?..." Eventually we found him and Reuven and Zsh had even brought along Akiva (as a date I suppose, since I had ditched him to go out with Freddie.)

We extended our congrats to Reuven, snapped a few pictures (of him draped in a HUGE Australian flag) and then made our way out of the place and away from the crowds.

The guys wanted to go into Town. Freddie and I were more than happy to join them on the condition that we walk there. To sum up our journey - Zalman found a stuffed animal (who he subsequently named Puff-Puff and insisted on keeping him in his shirt pocket with his head popping out) then the boys disappeared because the 'took a short-cut' (even though we actually got across the street before they did) and then it was UP UP UP Yechezkel Street and through the charedi-ville of Geulah. Freddie and I stopped off to pick up challah and cookies for Shabbos as well as popcorn (cause for Shabbos treat you CAN'T beat Geulah popcorn.)

Eventually we made it to Town where we found the boys, in the wooden puzzle store, racking their brains and trying to solve the puzzles. We spent about an hour there as Akiva tackled a string and wood puzzle and Zalman unsuccessfully attempted to free the wine bottle. Eventually we headed out to find some 'drinks' - the boys decided that they wanted some beer. So they got a BIG bottle and some plastic cups. They sipped it as we wandered back towards the Central Bus Station.

We dropped Freddie off at T.M. since she was heading back to Bet Shemesh and then we continued on our way back to The Ranch where the boys drank a bit more before Akiva had to head out to catch a bus.

I managed to pry the contacts off of my eyeballs and take an ice-cold shower to wash off my shvitz and grime from the days travels.

It was a fun day.

A funny day.

Yes indeed.

Click here for pictures... :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

She's fat, She's round, She bounces on the...

Proof that Zsh loves me:

Sunday Morning
July 13th
Under the cover of darkness and street-lights
Somewhere in Kiryat Moshe...

Zalman sneaks down to the neighborhood gan. He climbs over the fence, runs to the back of the building, shimmies up a pole and successfully rescues the salt-shaker from it's soggy perch in the flower-pot.

The shaker is still in one piece after it's 5 storey free-fall thanks to some moist potting soil...

Yayyyyy!!! Victory!!! The thrill of the return.

Yup, he loves me.

Friday, July 11, 2008


I'm SUCH an idiot.

I cleared off the tablecloth that was on the table and went to shake it out the window to shake off the crumbs. so I stuck it out the window and saw something go flying and land with a thud in one of the flower pots on an overhang between the 1st and 2nd floors.

It was my REALLY pretty Shabbos salt shaker.



Can't ANYTHING in my life ever go right?! All I was doing was trying to get ready for Shabbos!

I hate Fridays. :(

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cashman, Richman & Larry...

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING SABA & SAVTA!!! Thats just a general hakarat hatov message. You know why you deserve it!

In other news, my boss-less week is drawing to an end. They've been abroad since Sunday and aside from a few annoying phone calls, a couple of wild-goose-chase instructions and mind numbing 'business-card' organizing things have been pretty nice. I'm not sure if it's better when it's mind-numbingly boring while they are away or if it's better when they are here screaming at each other like crazy lunatics.

It been a pretty nice week though. I went out with Freddie for lunch one day, went to the used book-stores another, went out for dinner with Saba & Savta on another day, attended Sarah Slepian's engagement party and didn't have much to do aside from that.

I'm on a branflakes & water diet again. It's this awesome diet which cleans out my system. It's like a de-tox, but I don't only drink juice or starve myself. It's a healthy array of bran, fruits & veggies and lots and lots of water. I'm hoping I only have to be on it for about a week or two until I feel all cleared out and healthy again. Maybe I'll even lose some weight (although that's not the goal this time.) The HARD thing is staying away from coffee. I love coffee. Really, I'm not a caffiene addict - I just love the taste of it.

Anywho - Shabbos is on its way. We're in Jeru again, home alone since our plans to go to a friend's house fell through. I'm not looking forward to it very much. I hate Shabbatot alone because there's no singing or Divrei Torah (unless I give them) and I hate the 'old men' minyan that has been voted 'best' (because it's the fastest in the neighborhood.)

And it's hot. We need another fan. I need to stop being lazy and go get one. I keep forgetting about it. It should get dealt with. Someday I suppose.

At least during the week the majority of my time is spent freezing in the air-conditioning.

Sad that I seem to like weekdays better than weekends.

But I don't really.

Do I?


Monday, July 07, 2008

The Great Doodoo...

I dislike Sundays because they are the day that ruins my weekends.
I despise Mondays because they are the first full day of work.
I detest Tuesdays because they are the second full day of work, they are deadline days, they are super-high pressure days and there are still 2 days after them until the end of the week.
My disinclination for Wednesdays stems from the fact that I have now been at work for 3 days and there's still another one to go.
I face Thursdays with disdain because once they arrive it means that the time has come to get ready for Shabbat which involves cooking and cleaning and of course means that the week is now over and that it will begin anew from Sunday in a few short hours.

I can't say that I have any particular prejudices against Fridays except maybe for the fact that they go by too quickly.

Saturdays are an enigma to me. I hate all of the stupid rules which must be observed but I wouldn't give up a day of complete 'nothing' for anything in the world.

I'm not sure what this says about me. I hate just about every day of the week. I'm not sure if it's me or what. It probably has something to do with my negative state of mind. But I just can't seem to help it.

Why doesn't he ever surprise me at random or bring me iced coffee? He doesn't even walk with me anymore. Am I THAT awful? :'(

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Jack, Jonny and Tom...

Girls' Night Out.


Makes everything better.

Even more efficient than a band-aid.

We should do it more often.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hate - me?

Yes, I do.

Big surprise?

Nope. Didn't think so.

He says I get angry a lot. He says I get upset a lot.

Well, maybe if my life weren't always on hold till I find out what he's got planned things would be a little easier.

Is it a fault of mine that I can't just live my life, 'as it comes'?! Maybe I am a little too controlling but is it asking too much to want to know where I will be living for the next 5 years of my life?!

I don't think so.

Correction - I don't think.

Maybe that's my problem. I always say I can't stand stupid people. Maybe I am the stupid person.

I hate myself.