Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cashman, Richman & Larry...

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING SABA & SAVTA!!! Thats just a general hakarat hatov message. You know why you deserve it!

In other news, my boss-less week is drawing to an end. They've been abroad since Sunday and aside from a few annoying phone calls, a couple of wild-goose-chase instructions and mind numbing 'business-card' organizing things have been pretty nice. I'm not sure if it's better when it's mind-numbingly boring while they are away or if it's better when they are here screaming at each other like crazy lunatics.

It been a pretty nice week though. I went out with Freddie for lunch one day, went to the used book-stores another, went out for dinner with Saba & Savta on another day, attended Sarah Slepian's engagement party and didn't have much to do aside from that.

I'm on a branflakes & water diet again. It's this awesome diet which cleans out my system. It's like a de-tox, but I don't only drink juice or starve myself. It's a healthy array of bran, fruits & veggies and lots and lots of water. I'm hoping I only have to be on it for about a week or two until I feel all cleared out and healthy again. Maybe I'll even lose some weight (although that's not the goal this time.) The HARD thing is staying away from coffee. I love coffee. Really, I'm not a caffiene addict - I just love the taste of it.

Anywho - Shabbos is on its way. We're in Jeru again, home alone since our plans to go to a friend's house fell through. I'm not looking forward to it very much. I hate Shabbatot alone because there's no singing or Divrei Torah (unless I give them) and I hate the 'old men' minyan that has been voted 'best' (because it's the fastest in the neighborhood.)

And it's hot. We need another fan. I need to stop being lazy and go get one. I keep forgetting about it. It should get dealt with. Someday I suppose.

At least during the week the majority of my time is spent freezing in the air-conditioning.

Sad that I seem to like weekdays better than weekends.

But I don't really.

Do I?


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TJ said...

it's much much better when it's mind-numbingly boring while they are away