Monday, July 07, 2008

The Great Doodoo...

I dislike Sundays because they are the day that ruins my weekends.
I despise Mondays because they are the first full day of work.
I detest Tuesdays because they are the second full day of work, they are deadline days, they are super-high pressure days and there are still 2 days after them until the end of the week.
My disinclination for Wednesdays stems from the fact that I have now been at work for 3 days and there's still another one to go.
I face Thursdays with disdain because once they arrive it means that the time has come to get ready for Shabbat which involves cooking and cleaning and of course means that the week is now over and that it will begin anew from Sunday in a few short hours.

I can't say that I have any particular prejudices against Fridays except maybe for the fact that they go by too quickly.

Saturdays are an enigma to me. I hate all of the stupid rules which must be observed but I wouldn't give up a day of complete 'nothing' for anything in the world.

I'm not sure what this says about me. I hate just about every day of the week. I'm not sure if it's me or what. It probably has something to do with my negative state of mind. But I just can't seem to help it.

Why doesn't he ever surprise me at random or bring me iced coffee? He doesn't even walk with me anymore. Am I THAT awful? :'(

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Bobert said...

You are most certainly not! You're always such a pleasure to be around! =/ Maybe he's going through something himself? I have no idea.

You shouldn't hate the week, also. I mean, few people really love what they do, but if you're hating it, maybe something should be changed? You deserve better!

(By the way, D words are so nasty! Death, doom, destruction, devastation, demolition, darkness and despair! Ick.)