Monday, July 21, 2008

I Love My Hubby...

So - quick background story - at about 10:00 this morning I got a RIDICULOUS craving for cinnamon buns. Then for some odd reason I started wanting pizza-bubble ring. The day CRAWLED by and FINALLY (1/2 an hour late) I was free to leave. I stopped along the way to pick up GOOD mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce (for dipping), yeast, flour and powdered sugar.

Back at The Ranch I started the cinnamon-buns first (since they needed between an hour and an hour-and-a-half to rise) I was doing fine until I got to the eggs. The recipe called for 2 eggs, which was exactly what I had right up until I cracked the 2nd one and it completely missed the cup and wound up on my skirt and the floor. (I STILL have NO idea how that happened.) Anywho, I ran out to the makolet and luckily they had eggs. So, it was only a 7 minute set-back (including clean up time.) Once the cinnamon-bun dough was rising I started the pizza dough. I figured we'd only need a single batch, so it was relatively easy to assemble. While the pizza dough rested I washed up the dishes. Ta da. :)
Eventually I decided to tackle the 'bubbles' so I pulled out the cheese and started stuff/roll-ing them. I decided to bake it in an aluminum-foil loaf pan. Once the bubble ring went into the oven. Haha, read toaster-oven...
I started the cinnamon-buns. First exciting thing - I DIDN'T kill the yeast and the dough actually rose!!! The dough was actually a REALLY nice consistency. I was duly (or is it doubly?) impressed. I made the cinnamon mush for the inside and rolled it up. I figured that I could use my heavy-duty super-duper chef's knife to cut the thing without smushing it toooo much. (Yes, it worked!) and then I lay down the buns in a greased pan just like the recipe said I should.
...Except that I neglected to take into account that the buns were going to rise again before baking and that they'd grow some more in the oven...whoops...anywho, I lined up allllll the cinnamon buns in this pan and covered them so they could rise.
When they started growing I began to get antsy and then when I put them in the oven and they grew some more I called mommy laughing hysterically with visions in my mind of these cinnamon bun things outgrowing the pan and taking over my apartment...Well luckily, they didn't. I guess they decided that they were big enough. Cause they stopped growing. Then they got all pretty and light brown-ish on the top, so I took them out of the oven. Then I poured on a DOUBLE-batch of powdered-sugar-glaze... YUMMMMMMM!!!!
And that was that. Dinner was ready to go. Zsh had brought Akiva home, so the three of us spent a good 1/2 hour enjoying the food. Then we took a short break before seconds, followed by picking at what was left... :)
So Mommy, YES - make the cinnamon buns again! They are REALLY good. Mark it down! :)

Alrighty - on to other things...

Toodles. :)