Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sketchy Russian Beer...

Freddie and I loooove to celebrate together. Especially birthdays. Although I must admit, we deny ever getting any older. (We get that from our Meen'ma.)

So we decided (due to scheduling conflicts) that if I extended my Hebrew birthday celebration until today and Freddie celebrated her English Birthday a day early, then we would REALLY have an excuse to go 'all out' and have a great time.

So we decided on THE PERFECT plan. Dinner on Emek Refaim followed by the new Narnia Chronicles movie "Prince Caspian" (which was only playing down in Talpiot.) We wound up having a really nice Middle-Eastern type dinner and then (since we were running SUPER-early) we walked down to the theater. When we went to buy tickets we were informed that the last screening of the movie had been at 4:30PM and that the screening had been in Hebrew. Now, I must admit I was QUITE confused. Especially since I had checked the times on 2 different web-sites, called the theater to confirm AND it had been listed in the newspaper as well. But alas. I suppose things turn out the way they do for a reason. So we left the theater and as we wandered back towards the bus-stop I had a brilliant idea...

Becca's brother Reuven was having his 'swearing in' ceremony at 'Ammunition Hill' on the other side of town. The ceremony wasn't supposed to begin until 7:00PM and it was only 6:15PM. So we hopped on one bus and then another and made it for the very very end of the ceremony (when the parents and guests swarm onto the stage with the chayalim and general well-wishing occurs.) Zalman had taken my camera to the ceremony as arranged and he was VERY confused when suddenly I called him to tell him that he shouldn't leave without us. "Aren't you at a movie? I'm at Ammunition Hill and you're in Talpiot. Why are you asking me where I'm standing!?..." Eventually we found him and Reuven and Zsh had even brought along Akiva (as a date I suppose, since I had ditched him to go out with Freddie.)

We extended our congrats to Reuven, snapped a few pictures (of him draped in a HUGE Australian flag) and then made our way out of the place and away from the crowds.

The guys wanted to go into Town. Freddie and I were more than happy to join them on the condition that we walk there. To sum up our journey - Zalman found a stuffed animal (who he subsequently named Puff-Puff and insisted on keeping him in his shirt pocket with his head popping out) then the boys disappeared because the 'took a short-cut' (even though we actually got across the street before they did) and then it was UP UP UP Yechezkel Street and through the charedi-ville of Geulah. Freddie and I stopped off to pick up challah and cookies for Shabbos as well as popcorn (cause for Shabbos treat you CAN'T beat Geulah popcorn.)

Eventually we made it to Town where we found the boys, in the wooden puzzle store, racking their brains and trying to solve the puzzles. We spent about an hour there as Akiva tackled a string and wood puzzle and Zalman unsuccessfully attempted to free the wine bottle. Eventually we headed out to find some 'drinks' - the boys decided that they wanted some beer. So they got a BIG bottle and some plastic cups. They sipped it as we wandered back towards the Central Bus Station.

We dropped Freddie off at T.M. since she was heading back to Bet Shemesh and then we continued on our way back to The Ranch where the boys drank a bit more before Akiva had to head out to catch a bus.

I managed to pry the contacts off of my eyeballs and take an ice-cold shower to wash off my shvitz and grime from the days travels.

It was a fun day.

A funny day.

Yes indeed.

Click here for pictures... :)

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