Thursday, August 14, 2008

...Fishy Crackers...

I must admit. I absolutely love having a husband who cooks. (Or at least claims to be able to cook in any event.)

If we gloss over the fact that he never seems to remember to rinse off chicken that he picked up at the shuk, doesn't wash or even wipe the tops of cans, neglects to wash vegetables that he is too lazy to peel...etc... yeah, the cooking is pretty good. (I just try NOT to think about what went into the cooking process and I usually try to stay out of the kitchen when he is 'creating' - because it makes it easier to digest the meal once it's ready.)

I DO have a pet peeve which is one of those 'space' issues. You see, we have EXTREMELY limited counter space. So, if there are any dirty dishes left from last night or from breakfast this morning - then when he goes to cook he just moves them all to the back of the counter and goes about his business. I always make it my business to go in and try to separate everything (cause I don't think that meat dishes from the night before should be touching the chalavi bowl from cereal and milk that morning. Maybe it's just me...) And let's not talk about when chicken/meat cutting comes around. Doesn't matter what's on the counter - it's GOING TO have meat splattered on it. That's 150% for sure. Not just a possability or even a probability, it is fact.

So - aside from the fact that 80% of the stuff in my kitchen is probably treif now (between what I mentioned above not to mention the treif contertops & sink...) we seem to get along in the cooking department.

BUT one thing that we completely DISAGREE upon is the correct way to make chicken soup.

In my mind - chicken soup is a delicately flavored, golden yellow, health enriching liquid substance. Seasoned with dill and parsley, possibly a dash of salt and maybe a little pepper it's the best medicine for just about anything that ails you - mental, physical, spiritual or otherwise. Of course, there should be some vegetables foating around in the soup; onion, carrots, zucchini and even a potato isn't out of place if you like it. But said vegetables should be in nice BIG pieces. After all, it's the CHICKEN part of the chicken soup that you're eating it for.

In his mind chicken soup takes on a totally different I don't even know what to call it. All I do knwo is that, he likes A LOT of flavor in his soup and he assumes that this comes from the vegetables & from the time that the stuff spends on the stove.

Since I dislike playing with the raw chicken and he thinks it's a game to play with chicken shears and bones - I let him buy the chicken and divide it up. One bag for skin, bones and goop for soup, a second bag for my white meat pieces (the bones and skins of which go into the soup bag) and a third bag for the dark meat.

Of course, the OTHER job I let him have is the making of the chicken soup. Every time this is executed a bit differently.

'Zalman's 10 steps to 'flavorful' chicken soup...'

1. puree' 2 onions, 3 carrots, 2 zucchini in food processer. (I actually stopped him from puree'ing the vegetables and FORCED him to at least use the 'slice' blade.)
2. saute vegetables until soft.
3. add 4-6 cloves of fresh crushed garlic.
4. add chicken bones (this includes; 1 neck, 2 wings, bones from white meat), skin and goop from 1 whole chiken.
5. add water
6. allow to boil for approximately 5-7 hours (although this could also be overnight...)
7. strain through cheesecloth (or in our case - through a clean kitchen towel...) this is in order to remove all bones, goop and shards of bones and goop. (He'd actually skip this step but then I wouldn't eat it.)
8. chill in fridge
9. remove 'fat' layer
9. add NEW vegetables (onion, zucchini, carrots...)
10. bring to a boil and keep it cooking until the vegetables are good and cooked.

I dunno about you but it sounds more like some weird 'fleishigs' vegetable soup than any kind of chiken soup. I mean, you won't even taste any chicken.

If it were up to me and I were bothering to do steps 1-3 I would just skip steps 4-10 and throw in a handful of barley instead.

Maybe I'm just lazy...


Zalman said...

She's lying. It just makes her feel better to make me look like an idiot. Who wants a wife? Cheap?

Lorelai said...

I'm not lying. Anyone who wants to come and have a bowlful can have some of mine... :P

And I'm NOT cheap. Just ask Zalman.

Freddie, Moonbeam, and the Dibble child said...

Wow! That was so informative that we are speechless!
Um, we must all agree that we are partial to Eema's chicken soup although some people do actually just stick a whole chicken and some vegetables into a pot and call it chicken soup...

Anonymous said...

To be totally fair… what Z calls chicken soup is actually a dark chicken stock (Eli made one for Pesach) One can then use the aforementioned stock to produce a heavy chicken and, in this case veggie soup. One does not necessarily need to make a dark stock to make a flavorful soup. All that is required is lots of "chicken goop, bones and the like" add some fresh water and bring to a boil. Skim the yucky foam from the top, lower the fire and simmer the "stock" for a couple of hours. Allow to cool, strain and refrigerate over night. Skim the fat and place into a pot adding what ever veggies you like. We use onions, carrots and zucchini but potatoes, kohlrabi, and even pumpkin can be used! Add salt and pepper to taste along with some fresh parsley and dill. If you want to be inventive you can add whatever seasonings you like. Eat and enjoy!
BTW I have been making chicken soup this way for a loooooong time : )
love, Yo' Meanma

Rik said...

OMG, what is with that process? It's so long. That's deff not how our mom used to make chicken soup. Not even how Daddy-o makes it. It's all him...

tnspr569 said...

I'll happily be the taste-tester for any Polly (or Zsh) creations :)

Cooking lessons would be most valuable...

Sassy said...

noooo, thats NOT chicken soup!!! Take back your kitchen Lori!!