Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Phil's Burfday Party...

I am currently reclining in a 'borrowed' office chair. I am hiding out at the back of the office, in the graphics aquarium, so that the boss who is here won't find me. 2 out of 3 bosses are not in today and I was hoping that the 3rd wouldn't show but of course with my luck that he came in - early.

The real reason I was hoping he wouldn't be in was that I was looking forward to a quiet sort of day. With only 2 more full days (and the rest of today) left in the employment of the office, I am getting ridiculously antsy to finally be free.

I'm not sure what I'll do once I'm free. Actually just last night I was thinking to myself that I am going to be soooo ridiculously bored without a 'time schedule' in my life. Last time (3 years ago) it was a complete disaster but then I started working at the office. I guess I'll just take vacation until I can't handle it anymore and when the pleasure of freedom becomes too much to handle I will simply shackle myself into some new boring routine. Goody goody goody. Happy thoughts and things to look forward to.

I have spent today doing nothing much of any importance. The only 'work related' things I did were chasing a form from the bank for my bosses personal business and teaching my replacement how to fill out order forms. (Only to find out that the person who had been dealing with the project until they left for vacation had already prepared them all.)

I am quite bored. I picked up birthday cupcakes for Brenda becuase she told me that she would be coming into the city this afternoon to visit me, but it turns out that the parentals have agreed to come in with the birthday girl and the dibble for some baguettes and a trip to the kotel. Now I am short at least 2 cupcakes but the heat outside is brutal and I haven't really got energy to shlep back to Geulah again to get more. I feel like an evil person not having enough cupcakes for everyone. :(

Alright - a vicious bout of boredom and writers block have completely stupefied my mind and I can't think of anything else to say.

I'll be back soon...


Anonymous said...

I say...
Cut the cupcakes in half!
We should all be on diets anyway :)

Yo' Meanma

freddie said...

I say...
The mother has a good idea. Why dont we try it? We should all be on diets anyway.

read that with a scottich accent, if you will... it will sound more,um?