Monday, August 04, 2008

Prehistoric Bubbles...

Lately I've been dealing with stupid people a lot. It's REALLY starting to frazzle me. You say to someone, "please see the attached document which details the technical specifications of the 2 options and let us know which one you want." Then not 5 minutes later you get some crazed woman in a complete panic screaming over the phone, "what are the sizes? I can't choose one if you don't tell me what my options are." So you tell her to check her e-mail. "Oh. Well. it wasn't there before" she tells you... Ummmm, ok then. Then there was the woman who had trouble counting to 6. They signed an order for 6 ads (A 5 paid + 1 free deal) and at the time that they signed they chose 5 dates for ads to appear and left one to be allocated. 7 months after signing the original contract they want to run an ad on a specific date, so we tell them that we will simply allocate the final ad in their contract to the specified date. Nope, not good enough for them. The woman wants to know why when we send her the revised order her free ad is no longer listed. I try to explain. It IS still there, but now it's allocated for that specific date. She still doesn't get it. So I get her on the phone andshow her: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. She STILL doesn't get it. FINALLY about 2 hours later she e-mails an obnoxious response along the lines of, "well why didn't you say so?" What an imbecile. (Sorry, I know that was sort of a rant. I just REALLY had to get it off my chest.)

In other news, I am sick and fed-up of feeling hated for 2 weeks out of every month. I'm also getting relatively fed-up with G-d and Judaism and all of the stupid rules that it involves. I don't care if I sound like a heretic, I suppose that's what I am. That's just how I'm feeling right now. And NO it DOESN'T feel nice.

Also, I want to curl up in a corner and die because my apartment is such a disgusting mess. I have no energy to clean the place on weeknights after putting in a full day of work which means that the floors only gets swept/washed, the bathrooms only get cleaned and the laundry only gets done on...erev-shabbat. That's all very well and good but I wasn't home for shabbat 2 weeks ago, I wasn't home for shabbat this past week and I'm not going to be home for shabbat this week either. Last night I finally caved and cleaned the toilet (because it was BEYOND grossing me out) and today I FINALLY picked up some Israel-type Drain-O (because out bathroom sink and the bathtub are giving us trouble.) But I can't walk around without shoes on because my feet get gross, the entire kitchen counter is covered in dirty dishes (including a pot from last Thursday night), my backpack along with all of my junk from this past shabbat is literally scattered across the disgustingly hairy/dusty rug in my living room (although I distinctly remmeber leaving it all on a chair in the corner), there's still laundry from last week sitting in the dryer waiting to be folded, there's laundry hanging on the line (which has been there for at least 2 weeks), I have 'bedding' on my couch because random people keep sleeping over, my fridge is slimy inside because something leaked about a month ago and I just haven't had time to clean it out properly, the shelves around my apartment have SUCH a thick layer of dust on them that rather than taking notes on paper I could just as easily etch it into the grime. I am living in a dump and I literally have NO energy to clean it all up. I just want to sit and cry. I want a clean house. (Sigh - sorry about that. I'm just having a hard day and want to get it all out. Maybe I'll even inspire myself to clean - that is, if my thoguhtful husband doesn't bring home MORE hungry friends.)

At least I took out the garbage, there were 2 bags of it and it was smelling pretty awful this morning.

Have I mentioned that I HATE not having pretty candlesticks for shabbat. Have I mentioned that I HATE sleeping in a stuipd bunk-bed? (Not that it really matters MOST of the time...)

Today I ate a whole lot of random stuff. Multi-grain Cheerios, Mini-Chocolate-Chip-Cookies, a little box of Shoko, 2 taste-treats that I had left over from yesterday and ummm, yeah - that was it. I bought a fresh roll this morning with Ayala when we were on our way to town and all day I meant to go out to the shuk and pick up a few slices of good mozzarella cheese to make a cheese n' ketchup sandwich, but somehow I never got around to it. And now I'm not really all that hungry. (I think the grime in my apartment is supressing my appetite.)

Yesterday I found blue kitchen sponge at the 'shekel v'chetzi' store. It was quite exciting.

This morning I actually sent a letter off to Brenda. I REALLY hope I put enough postage on it and I hope that it makes it to Manalapan before her time there is up and she comes back Home.

Have I mentioned that I have only 18 working days left at the office? How insane is that?!

Ok - I give up. I'm going to go color a picture or something. I don't have the energy for any more words.


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You should re-read your good Tuesday post and then have another good Tuesday tomorrow!

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you're still sleeping on your BUNK BED??