Wednesday, August 13, 2008


It's incredible how with just a few quick words someone can make you feel so gosh-darn worthless. You know that 'all of a sudden' cold lump in your throat knot in your stomach, wanting to throw up but not sure what exactly feeling that makes tears spring to your eyes and causes you to want to be 12 feet underground?

Well, I'm sorry I bothered...
I'm sorry I bothered buying you the breakfast cereal you like.
I'm sorry I bothered making dinner.
I'm sorry I bothered taking out the garbage.
I'm sorry I bothered clearing & setting the table.
I'm sorry I bothered folding your laundry.
I'm sorry I bothered serving you dinner.
I'm sorry I bothered clearing up after dinner.
I'm sorry I bothered washing the dishes.

Why are you the only one who is ever allowed to be right?

Because I don't believe in hitch-hiking? Because I don't think that being a jerk to people who annoy me is the right way to go? Because I think that labeling things by their specific nouns is more appropriate than inserting pronouns in every statement that I make?! WHY?!


Ok, so I have to be more supportive - but it's hard since it seems like you're not really putting in the effort to succeed. (What are you reading right now anyway?!) Somehow, reading the dictionary two days before (again) doesn't really seem like an overly practical solution.


Still, it doesn't mean that I don't love you.

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