Tuesday, August 05, 2008


It's only 11:52 a.m. but I just wanted to re-cap regarding last night's post. Zalman came home (without any friends) and straightened up the apartment and washed the dirt dishes and did an all around general wipe-up of the mess. (This was before I even said anything or told him about my blogpost - for the record.) I finally found the koach to 'plunger' the drain in the shower (which helped) and then I tried the sink but it didn't actually work. So, I poured down some of the corrosive caustic chemical and 1/2 an hour later the water whizzed happily away down the pipes. Ta-da.

I spoke to Freddie on the phone. She is coming over for dinner tonight and Eli will be coming to sleep over whenever he gets off of work. I'm going to make; vegetable soup, garlic bread, 'cascasooon' and we're going to have a BIG yummy salad even.

This morning I left early enough that I had time to deposit my paycheck in the bank (and I was good and took out my ma'aser money straight away.) I also brought an empty backpack with me so that I can go out to the shuk to pick up groceries for dinner tonight.

From when I walked into the office (15 minutes early) I was bombarded with work to do. Somehow I managed to get it done (I hope I got it all right.) now the bosses are heading out to meetings in Tel Aviv which means a little less pressure and some time to organize my desk and file the pile of papers that I've got on my tower.

I'm thinking that maybe I should go down and visit Zalman at work. Maybe the french fries will be fresh today. Is it even worth the effort. I guess I'll go call him and find out.

More later?


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