Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fozzy Bear...

Hello world. I'm still here.

Last week (Monday-Wednesday) Mommy and I went on a Womens Retreat up North in Rosh Pina. Click HERE to see the pretty pictures.

Thursday I spent quality time with Ayala and that night we went to the Kotel where we met up with Moushkie and 2 friends (who had come down from Tzfat) suffie it to say, they crashed at The Ranch for the night.

Shabbat was a quiet little affair. Just me and my hubby bonding over REALLY good chocolate bobka and A LOT of Dr. Brown's soda (now that we found a place to get it by the liter for relatively cheap.)

Motzei Shabbat was nice because we met up with Little Brother and went to the Kotel (for the 2nd time in a week.)

Today was Sunday. We woke up super-early so that we could head out to Bet Shemesh. We had to take care of some business there, so we were on the 9:00 bus (cause we overslept and missed the 8:30 one...) After wrapping up the paperwork in the Center of Town, Z headed down to catch a bus back to Jeru and I made my way to the Polly CrazyHouse. We had some lunch, shopped in the Ramah, ate a snack, and then I started the thankless task of sorting through ALL of my junk. Again. Eventually we made some minestrone soup and pizza for dinner and then I made my way to the bus and back to Jeru.

A couple of SERIOUS hakarat hatov announcements:
Freddie: Thanks for the stir-fry, thanks for the tea, thanks for not letting Oscar chew on my toes, thanks for keeping my company while I cleaned and thanks for letting me wear your pants.
Eli: Thanks for being, ummm, you. :P And thanks for shlepping my bag to the bus-stop and keeping me company for ages and ages!
Bob: Thanks for SMSing me this morning, it REALLY brightened up my day and I'm REALLY happy I got to see you before Rosh Hashanah also, thanks for shlepping stuff (and helping me with the 'bag of animals' too), thanks for waiting with me at the bus-stop and for helping me see the positive in my 'chipmunk with a cold' voice.
Phil/Edna: Thanks for the new shirts you didn't even want and which I totally forgot to take with me. Don't steal them back, I like that brown one... :P
Zsh: Thanks for picking me up at the bus-stop and taking me home and making me tea and just generally spoiling me.

I seem to have contracted some sort of ridiculously annoying head-cold / flu-ey thing. My head feels like an overripe melon which has been dropped on the floor 3 too many times. I've taken a SERIOUS dose of vitamin C and some advil for the blinding headache. I think it's time to stop typing and give my sore eyeballs a rest.

You know I'll be back...


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bob said...

We'll be waiting. =)

I'm lucky to have you as a friend...