Monday, September 01, 2008

Fuzzies Between My Toes...

Today was my first full day of freedom. Unemployed and armed with a zillion and one random things to do I woke up bright and early at 7:00 this morning. It was a lovely morning, aside from the honking horns, screaming people and general noises that make up a city during 'back to school' time.
Z and I went to the Arnona office (finally) to settle our bill there and once that was taken care of, I wandered down to Mamilla to make reservations for an evening out with Saba & Savta. Saba & Savta offered us a vacuum and a spare fan that they had in their house. It was JUST what we needed. :) They even offered to drive into The City and drop it off. Real door-to-door service. I felt so spoiled. After walking from Kiryat Moshe, down to Kikar Safra to the Iriya, up Ben Sira and Rivlin to visit Z at work, up Ben Yehuda to find some breakfast, up Aggripas to the office to collect my last paycheck and then back down Yafo alllll the way to Kiryat Moshe I finally made it back to The Ranch. I had time to put a load of laundry in the machine and begin the process of re-organizing my closets (while shmoozing with Daddy) and then the party arrived.We spent a few minutes enjoying the breeze and the views at The Ranch and then we made our way to Mamilla. Did you know that parking is free if you're staying less than 3 hours? Pretty cool if you ask me.Dinner was deeeeeelicious. We went to Cafe Rimon and between; salads, bread, fettucine alfredo and salmon 'fillets' - I think we were all quite satisfied.We decided to stroll down the length of the mall and 'walk off' our over-full tummies. Somehow when we passed the Naot store the subject of my shoes came up....Savta & Saba generously offered to spring for a new pair of shoes. I walked out feeling REALLY spoiled and as though I was walking on air. (It's very nice to walk and not have the bottom of your foot pinched by your shoe. I'd almost forgotten.) We walked a little more and took the opportunity for a photo shoot which ended up in giggles, a whole lot of ridiculous photos and some decent shots as well... ;)
Thank you Saba & Savta!!! We love you and don't even know where to begin on the 'thank you card.' You've done SO much for me and Z, we don't know how we will EVER be able to express our gratitude to the fullest degree!PS - I'm getting some of the pictures from above printed and will have to bring them over next time I am in town... :)

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