Monday, September 22, 2008

Raspberry Jelly...

I thought that once I quit my job that suddenly I'd find meaning in my life. I thought that with oodles of time 'available' and no set routine I'd suddenly find myself doing things to get fit and become more spiritual and possibly even organizing (the junk in) my life. However, I must admit, no such luck. I've been jobless for 3 whole weeks (as of today) and although the first week was exciting, the second week was fun and the third week was relatively exhausting (thanks to allergies, a flu-ish type thing and bureaucratic Israeli offices) I must admit this 4th week of 'freedom' is already a MAJOR drag. Today my big outing was to tachana merkazit to pick up something for a friend from a friend of hers. Whoop-dee-doo.

I'm feeling HIGHLY unproductive. Seriously. I KNOW that housework (although necessary and important) will ALWAYS need to be done, sadly the same goes for organizing personal clutter - but I tend to feel unproductive when I'm not doing anything which benefits (or at least affects) the world at large (or at least people aside from myself.)

My rant for today - WHY DOES MY FRIDGE FREEZE EVERYTHING IN IT?! It's on the 2nd to lowest setting, stuff SHOULD BE spoiling, but my vegetables are rock-hard, the soup from dinner last night is a block of ice and frankly I'm glad I don't eat scary colored Israeli jam cause it'd be mighty hard to scoop it out of that tiny opening at the top of the jar with my ice cream scooper. Most annoyingly, yesterday I splurged and bought a bag of the prewashed, pre-cut iceberg lettuce so that I could have a salad - but I didn't get a chance to eat the salad yesterday and by this afternoon the lettuce was frozen and when it thawed it was that icky see-thru color and all wilted - so yeah, I'm annoyed.

The most useful thing I did today was price-comparing between a few 'kol-bo' stores and finally buying a new toilet seat. (A few months ago one of the bolts which holds the toilet seat on the toilet snapped in half. I procrastinated getting a new toilet seat for 2 reasons; 1. because I KNEW i could get it for 20-25 shekel in Bet Shemesh and 2. because it SHOULD be the 'mans' responsibility to fix stuff in the house when it breaks.) I guess buying a new toilet-seat can't be left to the guy cause he doesn't really have to sit on it much, whereas every time the gal has to go she has a 50/50 chance of falling to the left and a 50/50 chance of slipping to the right. Anywho, this morning after bruising my arm by slipping to the left yet again, I got annoyed and decided that the time had come. So I paid double what I would've had I gotten a seat in Bet Shemesh, but at least I got the seat. The nice man in the store helped me out by explaining that all seats are a standard size and that the bolts are a standard distance so any one would work. Then he asked what my color preferance was, "Blue? Pink? Orange? You want green maybe?"
"That's alright" I told him, "I'll just take the white."
"Are you sure?" he asked.
"Yup, plain old white is good for me." I replied.
"Maybe you want one with a little cushioning?" He offered.
"That's ok" I said, "Personally, I like it plain."
"But padded it so much more comfortable" he assured me.
"Ummm, sounds like a guy thing" I retorted.
He laughed, "Yeah, an American guy thing" and then he proceeded to ring up my plain old standard white toilet seat.
At least I got the thing.
Word to everyone who likes to come and visit but who has been hesitant to do so due to a phobia of toilet-seat-instability. We've got a new one and it's bolted on tight. Come and try it. :)

What else? Oh yes. In a sort of sad but funny way, I just found out that the part-time course which leaves you with a simple 'certificate of knowledge' at the dinky Charedi English speaking computer school which I have almost decided to attend will cost me more than DOUBLE what an entire year of university (which gives you a REAL degree) would cost. Hahahahahahahah!!! (Sorry, that was slightly maniacal and depressed laughter.) It's not an issue of the money, it's just highly amusing that for the same money which a certificate costs I could go to college for 2 years and get a degree. It's a real shame I'm not interested in learning anything. I know, I'm a doof.

Today was also bath-day for select stuffed animals. Ping-Pong, Frizzie, Fringe and Ryan all went in the washing machine together. They're all happy and clean-smelling now.

I think that's about it. I can't think of anything else of interest or 'rantrest' so I guess I'll be going now.

Goodbye now.
B'bye now.

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miryam said...

Your inspired vacation lasted longer than mine did, and I was unemployed for four months!! I wish you much luck in pushing yourself to get things done (although you DO need to take it easy, since you weren't really when you were working)...
Try to enjoy the time off, and remember that at least you're not somebody else's slave!!
Thinking of you much!