Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Time for Burfday Cupcakes!!!

We love you sooooo much!!!

This morning Touro College sponsored a lovely little bagel brunch for 'young marrieds' in Jerusalem. There were 2 speakers who spoke about relationships and tied the topic together with the relevant topic of Elul, there were bagels and there was a nice friendly gathering of people. Many thanks to my cousin Raquel who invited me. It was highly enjoyable.

On my way to the brunch I had the pleasure of experiencing one of those wierd times when you feel like you've cheated fate, but in a way that turns out positively for you. The bus I took from T.M. got stuck 3 busses behind a bus which had broken down smack in the middle of Rechov Yafo (which is now just 1 lane in 1 direction at that specific point, due to construction on the light-rail.) So, I sat and sat and waited and waited and tried to be patient. Hopping off the bus and hoofing it down to the bunch would have taken a good 1/2 hour AND it was already quite HOT outside. I also knew (in accordance with Murphy's Law) that as soon as I got off the bus that traffic would clear up and that the bus I had been on would happily speed away, leaving me on foot. After 25 minutes I figured I would give it another 9 minutes (in 3 minute increments) until I'd just give up and walk. The first three minutes passed - nothing. The second three minutes passed - still nothing. The first two minutes of the last three minutes ticked by and no movement fom ahead. Suddenly as the second-hand on my watch neared the 40-second point of the 9th minute the first bus magically started up and we were on our way. I think the lesson learned is that sometimes things are uncomfortable, but if you can hold out long enough, things will work out.

Afer the brunch Freddie came to visit us at The Ranch and Brenda came over a little later too. Freddie had to go to an 'end-of-year-party' of some sort so she headed off but Brenda stuck around for a while. I fed her some Shabbos-leftover vegetable barley soup and she introduced us to a funny new TV show.

Now I think I'll go work on my latch-hook project some more.
Snoopy officially has part of a foot.
Super duper exciting! :)

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