Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not A Banana?

I figure that a mid-weekly update is sort of fair. So here I am. Things are going pretty well.

We spent a quiet Shabbat at The Ranch. Sunday we went to the arnona office with Z's official 'release from the army' paper and got a nice little refund.

Yesterday was Z's first day of Uni - he left the house at 7:10 AM and at 10:50 PM he got back home. (Mind you, he left class early and caught a tremp - otherwise he wouldn't have been home until about 11:30ish.) Mondays are going to be fun - I can tell. Oh yeah, Thursdays are basically the same schedule so - there's lots to look forward to. As for me, I spent the morning in the kitchen baking chocolate cupcakes for TJ's birthday. I managed to make a HUGE mess in the toaster (when the cake overflowed and then quadrupled in size), explode the bag I was using to frost the cupcakes (twice) and re-learn how to make neat-o little piping cones out of parchment paper. Then I walked out to the office where said hi to the bosses and spent some time with the girls. My last stop of the day was also pretty exciting - the opticians place. It seems that vision in my left eye is improving which means that in order to wear contacts I need to get some in the new prescription. Luckily, the eyeglasses place is very accomodating and if you have an unopened box of lenses then they are willing to swap it for one in the right prescription. I'll have my contacts in about 2 weeks, so I'm pretty excited.

Today is day 2 of school for Z. Supposedly he'll be home between 19:00-19:30ish... I'm trying to decide what exactly to make for dinner. I'm thinking lasagna - but that means I need to go out and get some cheese. The makolet is just down the road, but it's raining pretty heavily. I suppose I DO still have a bit of time. I suppose I'll just procrastinate until the rain stops or isn't quite as heavy...

Want to procrastinate with me? I uploaded a bunch of pictures from Sukkot to Facebook and I suppose I could share them. CLICK HERE to see some of what we were busy with over Sukkot in Bet Shemesh.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Keter Plastic & Vegetable Soup...

Wow! It's been about a month since I last posted. The chagim are now over, school is starting and I've been on vacation for almost 2 months. I also got 3 new pairs of glasses (because there was a buy 1 get 2 free sale going on. Yes, I'm serious.) I also managed to organize all of my arts-n-crafts supplies, back-up all of my photos to CD and I even printed out neat little labels for each one so I know what's on every one with a quick glance, I got all the g'mach stuff out of the closet in the guest room, Zalman successfully 'installed' weather stripping on the windows in the apartment (so that this winter the elements will stay on their side of the walls - which is the OUTside) and I even learned how to make these AWESOME soft-pretzels (which tasted best when stuffed with ooey-gooey cheese.)

Most recently we spent the week of Sukkot in Bet Shemesh. There was the day we painted, the day we did nothing, the other day we did nothing, the day we went to the beach, 2 concerts, 1 sukkah open-house, 1/3rd of a Lord of the Rings marathon, we watched season 2 of 'How I Met Your Mother', we saw Aunt Foofoo (who reminded me that before I got married that I used to blog a lot more - and made me really want to commit to some sort of more frequent schedule than 'random posts'), we bothered Mommy, attempted to evade Oscar (the Dog), saw lots and lots of friends, learned about a conspiracy theory involving black & white clothes and Jewish women, spent simchat torah night in a Beis Midrash full of shvitzy guys and a whole lot of other stuff...

Today was our first day back in the city and we started it off bright and early. We ran a gazillion errands all over the place and accomplished a lot. The only thing I haven't managed to do yet is to pick up some new school supplies. Zalman is poo-pooing the idea. He insists that we have a few notebooks and some pens around the house and that those are 'just fine' for taking notes. But, I just can't help it. School just isn't as fun unless you have brand new, 'special for school' school supplies. I really want some new folders and maybe a new pen or two and possibly even hi-lighters. The only thing I definitely don't need might be crayons... :)