Saturday, November 08, 2008

Glinpots Merlew Obintly...

So lately I've been working on this cute little project. In an effort to make some of the junk I insist on retaining useful, I decided to recycle all of the pretty cards, well wishes and random letters which I have recieved on numerous occasions. Most recently many of these greetings were received on the occasion of my wedding. I am sort of scrapbooking them on A4 paper and I intend to (eventually) write my favorite recipes on the 'other side' of the pages and then laminate them. I thought it would be the nicest personaly thing ever. I even chose my very favorite one to be the cover of the project. Sadly, after a visit from some friends, the letter mysteriously went missing. I am now much saddened and am not sure whether it is worthwhile to proceed with the project at all. Frankly, the recipe writing will take lots of time and effort that I'm not sure I have or want to spend on it. Ok, enough about that.

Shabbat was very nice. Just me and Z at The Ranch. It was quiet and it didn't rain although the weather-person suggested that it might. I made just the right amount of food and everything was quite yummy and the vegetables were even cooked all the way through. I lost at Rummikub, we ate sloosh-jelly-beans, the wafers were stale, I recited the ABC's and Z read me a story and Ryan went undercover until the sneezing fit passed.

Now it's a whole new week. Our house is open for a 'boys Shabbat' next week, and I've left Z in charge of finding some guests. We can fit one person on the bed in the guest room, one person on the massage table in the guest room, another person can sleep on 2 quilts and the yoga mat on the floor in the guest room and of course - anyone who wants to crash on the living room couch or rug is welcome (but the ceiling light stays on all night.) Alright, enough of this public-invitation.

Blech - I have homework to do. I also have to clean out and organize the guest room so that we can have people sleep in there next Shabbat (if we manage to find anyone.) I also have to write out a shopping list, figure out a menu plan for the week and fold the last load of laundry which I neglected in the dryer over Shabbat.

Tomorrow I'm going 'bed'-shopping with Mommy (since Z is too busy, and I don't think he has ANY idea what he's talking about.) I'm sick of the bunk-beds. It's been 8 and a bit months so I think the time has come to graduate. Now we're just waiting for the little old lady to give us permission to get rid of the garbage (that is still on the mirpeset) and then things will be good-ish.

Ok, I'm gonna get to work.

Shavua tov!

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freddie said...

mid weekly, huh?
sry i didnt come online the other night, i got sort of busy doing something that i cant even remember what it is... maybe i was making pancakes...?