Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Itchbugs & Footmice...

When I left my last class of the day it was drizzling, I made the decision that the smartest way to get home would be on a bus. I ran out to the 'far away' bus stop and somehow as luck would have it the bus pulled up as I got there. As I got off the bus and made my way the 3 blocks to my apartment I smiled to myself realizing that had I walked I would still be approximately 2.5 kilometers from my destination. Then I started humming "Yankee Doodle" and I even splashed through a few puddles just for the fun of it.

Today was actually quite a good day. My first walk to Har Nof was all blue-skies and sunny. Photography class was exciting because we had a 'critique session' on the pictures that we took at the shuk a couple of weeks ago. Class ended a little early, so I had 2 whole hours to get home, clean a bit and prepare dinner. Then Shoshana & Dovid stopped by to say hi and I had fun showing them all of the 'improvements' that we've made at The Ranch in the last few months. I walked them out and headed back to Har-Nof on foot for the 2nd time. The walk was a bit chilly thanks to the windchill, but I had stolen Z's army fleece and was niiiice and toasty. Class was exciting. We learned the 3D effects and I was really enjoying myself creating all sorts of fun donuts and bottles. (Pictures to follow, when I have a chance to make some share-worthy things.)

I'm super-excited for class tomorrow because we're FINALLY going to start CSS. (I hope so anyway.)

In other news, I finally ordered a 500 GB external hard-drive to back up my computer onto. Sadly, I had backed-up all of my photos from 2007-present on CDs. I spent days organizing organizing them and I even invested in these neat little CD labels. (I know, bad idea.) Anyway, it seems that the CD labels unbalance the discs somehow, so my computer can't really read them unless I tilt it and get really really lucky. So, I'm hoping I'll be able to get lucky at least 1 more time and be able to transfer everything to the new external hard-drive. (I've only actually looked at the CDs 2 other times and the computer almost died from them.)

Alrighty, Zsh is FINALLY home from school so it's time to go and eat some dinner.


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