Monday, December 15, 2008

Miz Ruh Bul

Pencil Hello There! It's me again! Do you like my pencil? I drew it myself in Illustrator. I'm a very imaginationally challenged person at the moment.

We've been super-busy in school. In Computer Graphics our final project is to choose any product label and to re-create it 'exactly' in Illustrator. I'm working on a tube of my favorite Suave moisturizer. It's not an easy project. Seriously.

In Web Design we've almost finished CSS which means that we can make our pages and sites uniform with just a few simple commands.

Graphic Design is moving along nicely as well. We're deep into 'colors' and the science behind them.

As you can see from my homework below, we've covered tints, shades, saturations, brightnesses:
Color BlendsWe're exploring the exciting world of the color wheel (yup, I got to mix paint colors for homework. How much fun is that?!) We then moved on to creating compositions in combinations of colors; monochromatic, complementary and analagous.
Tomorrow is 'photography' day, and we're going on another field trip. This time we'll be visiting 'The Mashbir' in the Center of Town. We'll be learning about reflections, white light and all sorts of other stuff. (Stay tuned for the photos.)
As a sort of extra-curricular activity, Z and I will be hosting a family Channukah Party at The Ranch. So, I've got to find time to get out to the paper-goods store and to Geulah and to the shuk to pick up everything we'll need.

Channukah is in less than a week and we haven't got a menorah.
Hmmm, maybe I ought to go figure out that one instead of playing on the computer...

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