Thursday, December 04, 2008


I've fallen behind again, but I've been... I know, excuses excuses. Sorry.

School is keeping me ridiculously busy. On Sunday I get homework which is due on Tuesday, on Monday I get homework which is due a week later, on Tuesday I get homework which is due on Sunday and homework which is due the next Tuesday, on Wednesday I get homework which is due on Thursday and on Thursday I get homework which is due on Wednesday. However, I can only do homework which is due for Sundays and Tuesdays IN school (due to the computer situation) and the homework which is due for Wednesday and Thursday (web-design) just seems to swallow hours and hours of my time at home. If you managed to follow that you'll understand that between trying to keep my house semi-organized, getting to class on time and getting my homework done, I don't really have much time. Don't feel neglected, I don't speak to Zalman much either and we lives in the same apartment, well, when he's home anyway.

So, concrete proof that I've been busy. How about some pictures? Here's the album from our photography class field trip to the shuk. CLICK HERE (There's an explanation of the exercises that we were working on at the bottom of the first page with the photo's.)

We're also moving along at a nice pace in computer graphics. We learned the 'liquify'-tools this past week. These tools distort the outlines of shapes. Here's an example of some of what you can do with it. I'm actually getting better with the 'pen tool' too. Here of some of my first few projects that I did for homework using the 'pencil tool' - there was the sign for the fruit store and then there was my pizza. (Yes, I drew them all from scratch in Illustrator.)

Still, I've got to admit that my favorite class by far is web design. I'm really enjoying learning the language and I'm seriously getting interested in the whole programming aspect. I want to be able to program and design entire database driven web-sites!!! Someday maybe I'll get the chance to learn everything that I want to learn. I'm all inspired and everything. It's great! We're just about done with learning HTML and are moving on to CSS. Our final HTML project was to create a website for a 'company' and it was a very 'rushed job' but I think it came out ok. Actually, I now realize all of the things I could have done to make it look a lot better, but I'll go back and tweak them if I get bored. Please don't actually hit the 'submit' button on the order form and please DON'T for ANY reason enter your real information (especially credit card information) because IT IS NOT a secure site. (We haven't learned how to do that yet.) Also, for some reason a few of the recipes page are having some issues, but I'll get it in order eventually (or maybe when I have some spare time. hahaha.)

Anywho - that's my update for now. We'll be in Bet Shemesh for Shabbat because it's Daddy's first Shabbat back in The Holy Land.

Have a great one!


tnspr569 said...

Yay!! Polly recipes!!

I think I'm going to be doing a lot of baking in the near future... :-)

Partner said...

I'd love to order some polly cookies to Englnad please sort out your secured site!!! ;-)