Monday, March 30, 2009

Ritchie, Ditchie, Squitchie!!!

Woke up kind of late this morning (ok, so it was only 8:00) but I managed to pull myself together and get myself out of the house and to the gym. After a great workout I made my way home to get dressed and then I went to Geulah to meet up with Becca. We spent a lovely morning wandering around Geulah, Town and everywhere in-between in search of cute pre-tied bandanas which don't slide. We also got bagels for breakfast and Brooklyn Bakery treats which we only ate after walking allll the way back to The Ranch in the craaaaazy wind.

Today's 'Pesach Cleaning Effort' involved washing yesterday's dirty dishes and then an interesting activity which I've been meaning to take care of for quite some time. (Even more pressingly since I joined the gym...)
On the bright side - my mitpachot are now allllll clean and they even have the deeeliciously relaxing gentle scent of lavender. On a funny note - hand-washing them has stained my fingers an interesting shade of grayish-purplish. But as they say, lo norah. On a 'down to earth note' this chore didn't really have any connection to Pesach cleaning whatsoever. Oh well. At least I did something.

In other exciting news - Mazal Tov to Tova & Simcha Simon on the birth of a baby boy! A little early, but b"H all is well. I guess that makes me a cousin once more remove-ed.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


MAZAL TOV SHOSH & DOVID!!! IT'S A BOY!!!!!! I'm an auntie (or am I an uncle?!)!!!

What else is news? Well, today was my first day of Pesach Vacation and it was an awesome one.

This morning I woke up thinking that I had wet my bed, but it turns out that I was in the clear. My hot water bottle had decided that 3 working winters was all that it wanted to give and so it sprung a leak. It has now been relegated to the trash heap.

Then I went to the gym and had a totally incredible work-out. Not too many people were there and the really nice 'trainer' was there so all in all - it was quite enjoyable.

Next on the agenda was a pathetic attempt at straightening up the kitchen. I managed to get most of the dishes washed and put my chicken soup up to cook for Shabbos.

In the meantime Becca arrived in Jeru with all of her suitcases and she left them at The Ranch while we headed out to Shaarei Zedek to visit with Shosh and her new itty bitty babykins.

After a really enjoyable 2 hour 'visit' (during non-visiting hours) Becca and I headed out to town. First for some pizza in town and then to Kikar Safra to pick up last week's Kad V'chomer stuff. (For out 1st anniversary Z and I went to Kad V'chomer (a pottery painting studio place) and painted mugs together.) The mugs came out looking very cute and I'll take pictures someday soon when I remember to (or you could come and visit and see them for yourself.)

After Kad V'chomer Becca and I parted ways for a bit. I headed out with Feige on an almost severely overdue girls night out. We went for baguettes and they were gooooood. It was really nice to shmooze and catch up. I enjoy our outings.

I was a very very nice wife and even took a pastrami stuffed baguette home for Z (along with my left-over french fries - which I'd been too full to finish.)

A few minutes after getting home Becca and Reuven came to pick up Becca's bags and shlep them to the apt. she's staying at in Ramat Eshkol.

B'kitzur - it was all in all a really really wonderful day.

And now it's almost Shabbos.


Till next time...
Over & Out.
Rodger Dodger that.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Hello World! It's me again! I'm trying to get back on track after a craaaazy weekend and an awesome Purim.

School today was interesting because we learned all about creating buttons in Flash. We also received our 'final assignment' which is to incorporate everything we've learned into a lovely little site. Wish me luck - it's going to take HOURS upon hours...

I'm being a lazy bum today and skipping the gym because I've decided that it's more important to clean my house for Shabbos and get my cooking done. I will try to get to the gym tomorrow (I hope I'll have the time.) We're having 3 guys over for Shabbos, so I kind of want to get the guest room semi-organized. Ever since I've started doing my homework at home I've sort of let the housework kind of, well, I guess you could say - 'slide' - but just a teeeensy bit - hehe, yeah, ok, I'm lying. It's actually dirty enough to be grossing me out.

Anywho, things are gong well and I should really go start my cooking so that I can start my cleaning so that I can start my homework but I just wanted to say hi.

Here's a link so that you can see all the fun we had on Purim.

Well, not ALL the fun (cause there aren't any pictures of our visit to the Wolickis', of my haircut, of the countless hours playing with Oscar Be Wild, of our PJ party, of me stealing Phil's toothbrush, of the neverending supply of hot-water and some other stuff) but the pictures will give you a good summary of most of the fun we had. If you want to experience it all - next time - come and spend the time with us... :)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Cinnamon Bunnies & Dust Rabbits...

Do you like the cover of the first edition of my new kids magazine? Coming soon...So what's new in the last 2 weeks? Ummm, schoolwork. Yeah, that's not new.

Last week was our first anniversary and Saba & Savta bought us absolutely wonderful presents! Z finally has a kiddush cup and I have the most graceful and beautiful candlesticks! It was lovely last week, after the meal we sat and watched the candles burning. *sigh* Bliss.

This week I joined the gym. The location is perfect, halfway between school and home. The best part - the hours are also perfect, I can go on my way home from school! While I'm doing the whole 'gym thing' for my own physical fitness, theoretically it'll help me lose some weight too. (Well, hopefully anyway.)

We'll be in Bet Shemesh for Shabbat and we're staying at Saba & Savta's house. The mishpacha is coming to the meal Friday night because the 'birthday meal' has finally been rescheduled.

It's hard to believe that Purim is next week. It's almost Pesach?! Gosh.

Sorry I'm jumping around. My mind isn't really focused. I'm sitting in web-class now (shhh...don't tell my teacher) but it's kind of going slowly. We're working on editing video clips in Flash and importing them into Dreamweaver for inclusion on websites.

Now that I know how to use Flash to edit videos - I'm going to have to pull out all of those old family movies...

"Hey Daddy, what's everybody wearing?"